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A few nights ago I had a very strange dream, and I was wondering what it meant, because it felt so real and it was so vivid, when my dreams are usually just a blur, or forgotten as soon as I wake up.
My dream was this:
I was standing before some stairs that went up and up, so much I couldn't see the end of the steps. My best friend was there with me. I felt uneasy, cold, nervous and impatient, while she looked serene and confident. I kept telling her I wanted to leave, I said "It's never going to come, I don't know why you insist on waiting... it's absurd". She kept telling me how I should be patient, and wait with her, because she was certain it would come. The longer we remained there, the more desperate I felt. But she firmly assured me "it" was coming, and we should wait. Finally, I insisted so much, she got angry with me and she said we were here because of me, and she was doing me a favor by waiting with me, but since I had nagged her so much, she was leaving, but still she insisted on me staying there waiting. Once she left, everything turned warm and I got goosebumps. I've never liked being so alone, so I decided to start going up the stairs. I went up, and up, and up, until I finally reached the end of the stairs, which was the top of an immense cliff, a fall so long I couldn't even see where it ended. As I looked down into the void, I fell.
And I woke up.
The dream and it's sensations were so real, it really disturbed me. I was wondering if somebody here could help me figure out what it meant, what we were waiting for...

Thanx a bunch!

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Re: Stairs

Stairs may symbolize two things in this dream. One are the tasks in your waking life of having to ascend to some higher position, or obtain something you think you need, or be something that others expect you to be. Second is the deeper aspect of going upstairs to the mind, the unconscious mind that holds truths about yourself that you may have forgotten, ignored or repressed. There is seems to be no end to your quest, suggesting this is an on-going dilema. Your best friend {you didn't mention a name} is most likey the best part of you, those aspects that are your inner guide. This is the real you, and perhaps the uneasy, nervous character is how you and/or others see you in your waking life. Your wise self says be patient but your ego self can not be. Are you impatient in your waking life?

What has happened is that your wise self, your best friend, perhaps your shadow is needing recognition. These qualities that you have repressed, and I think it is repression because you are so resistant to waiting, are those aspects about yourself that are positive and rewarding, if you would only let them come to the surface. Her {your best friend} leaving you is the {your unconscious self} way of forcing you to see the true self, being patient as it unfolds {and/or if related to something in your present waking life, your wise self telling you to be patient}. The difficult task of forcing the ego self to accept this underlying character is the stairs with no end. But once you are forced, put in a corner with no way out, you naturally do what we all do, fight back and start the difficult ascent to the top {openning up to unconscious contents and realizing and being your true self}.

The shadow is often the true self hidden and cloaked in a guise of another identity. Cinderella had her sisters and her mother as her shadow. Whereas parts of her {her sisters} wanted to go out into the world and enjoy the outside world, she locks away her true emotions and is kept from being her true self. Not until her fairy godmother {your best frined} offers her a way to escape does she realize the world is ready for her and she is ready to unlock the chains that hold her back. This seems to be your story also. What restrains you from being who you really want to be, that person you really are?

Since you are afraid of being alone {probably a real waking aspect} you are forced by your unconscious {via the dream which seeks to provide balance by showing you the hidden aspects in your life} to confront your fear {climbing the stairs, facing those things in your waking, and unconscious life}. When you get to the top there is the black void, the deepest aspects of your unconscious where hidden things are covered by darkness, darkness you have placed on yourself for one reason or another. The cliff is the end of the road to blocking these undiscovered aspects in your life. Falling into the dark void is the process of discovery, the first step of confronting those hidden things that you have put away, out of sight but never completely out of mind.

Look at your personal life and see what stairs {metaphorical} that you need to climb. Perhaps it has to do with your personality, being something that you are not and wishing to be the real you. I also suggest you look deeper in your life to see what past experiences that may have been repressed. Are there any traumatic experiences you do not wish to think about, fearing you will discover truths that are painful? Let me know your thoughts on my interpretation and we can look deeper into your response.

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