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Beetles in my face!

Last night I dreamed that i looked in a mirror and saw a lump in my cheek that looked as if it was a big pimple. I squeezed it and a big beetle was rolled up in there and came out, along with some really gross ***** stuff! when I looked at it, all I could see was the underside of the beetle because it landed upside down, and it was black, about 2 inches around and dead. Right away, I squeezed again- and another came out. Then, the small hole in my skin seemed to almost close and heal up. This was really gross but I seemed relieved when the beetles were out of my face.

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Re: Beetles in my face!

Mirrors reflect what is really there. In dreams they reflect your true self, more than what the ego knows.

The image of your face in a dream often symbolizes your persona, the way others see you or the way you see yourself and want others to see you.

A squeezed pimple with gross stuff coming out may represent some things about yourself you wish would not come out or something you want to hide from others, or yourself. The beetle may symbolize something unconsciously that is eating away at you. This may be the unwanted characteristics you possess and either wish to hide or change. Beetles have hard shells so this thing may be hard to change, or accept.

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