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I dream often of death, but the person in the dream in not really dead in the dream. It is very upsetting to me in the dream. Sometimes these dreams involve one of my nephews who is dead in real life. In the dream, Im at his funeral but he is not really dead, and this really scary in the dream, unnatural in a sense. In real life I've just changed careers, but its something I feel positive about, its not really scary or an unnatural move.

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Re: death

Death in a dream seldom refers to a real death. It symbolizes change, an end to something and a beginning to something else.

The death of your nephew{s} in your dreams probably represents some things you are associated with in your life will have to change. These are not really important aspects of your life {a brother or sister would symbolize the most important aspects} but are things you care for. In changing jobs {the death in your dream} you will have to leave certain things and people behind. In reality, they don't die {at his funeral but he is not really death}, they are part the changes you must undergo. You feel positive overall about changing jobs but underneath there is this scary part to it.

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Re: death

Cindy, I don't think that your dream is as complicated as you may want to think. To me, it makes a flat out statement. Referring to your nephew who happens to have died in real life, it is emphatically telling you "he is not dead". And he really isnt, his consciousness, his spirit, lives on. He will forever be with you; he is part of the book of your life.

Perhaps your bereavement over his actual death comes back to you unconsciosly concerning others you care for and would hate to "lose", assuming you dream of other people you know in this same dream situation, but are not actually dead. My personal attempt to alleviate this would be to try to analyze what experience and gifts my nephew brought to those who knew him during his short life and how much less "we" would be if it had not been for his life's influence,albeit over such a short period of time. Dont be afraid of or focus on losing friends and loved ones, be happy they are around to enjoy them NOW.

Being 42 is kind of early, I think, for you to be concerned with death per se, but you never know. Could it be a mid-life issue and you are transferring your fears to a particular funeral you recall with great angst but the action is not really what is frightening you, ie a dead person not really being dead, but your fear of your own personal death that is a scary thing to you?

J. Campbell's reference to this "latter" stage in life is grand; "there goes the fender, etc.," with respect to the physical body's decline. However, if you identify with the light of which the bulb is but a vehicle, it is a welcome thing, death; it is a return "home". If indeed you find that these dreams may perhaps really speak of a fear of your own death,
you may want to research where or how you can get some inspirational advice to help you overcome this. but I repeat, ENJOY NOW, dont waste valuable enery on
what if and when.


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