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Three for One

I had three very distinct dreams last night - they may be interconnected...even somewhat precipitated by my response to Steve's dream "bridge over troubled water."

White bird cage - three birds (yellow, white and blue). The yellow and white birds are quite content with their surroundings - almost to the point of appearing apathetic. The blue bird however has gained my attention because he is intent on escaping from the cage. His antics are almost humorous if not for his desperation to be free. I feel great compassion for the blue bird.

Flying kites with a friend in the park. Enjoying the moment, until my friend unexpectedly loses his grip on his kite and it disappears into the clouds. He is devastated - and turns into a small, sobbing child - inconsolable with his loss. I kneel down to bring myself to his eye level and explain that he has "lost" nothing and that everything which is still valuable and important he retains.

Enter the "old woman" and the wolf... she says nothing but offers me several small round stones and a feather (a call to simplicity, perhaps?) The wolf is not harnessed and is free to explore his surroundings...which he does. He is almost playful and for a moment I'm concerned that the old woman is oblivious to the wolf's frivolity. She looks at me (piercing blue eyes speak volumes) and I understand that she is missing nothing - that there are no worries - the wolf is deserving of this moment of freedom and has proven value regardless of his demeanor.

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Re: Three for One

deedee,felt i had to respond as you mentioned my dream,just looking at your dream post including the old lady and wolf dream,there seems to be a follow up,in that by participating in this forum and showing compassion and interest in others dreams,and exercising some skill i might add,you have found a very special part of yourself,a gift ,maybe something youve always known about.
i feel that this latest set of dreams is actually complementing you,by showing you what you have brought into life,i am sure others in the forum will break down the symbols further, but i think the energies that showed themselves in your old lady,wolf dream are coming into play ,go with them.regards steve

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Re: Re: Three for One

Hi, Deedee. You are a very fortunate lady. What a beautiful three chapter story your Guide has produced for you!

The blue bird wishing to escape (wishing freedom,) the kite that achieved escape (achieved freedom) and the wolf that was allowed to be unrestrained (allowed to be free) are the same symbol for the relative aspiration of the right to freedom. Each had a restraint from freedom (cage, string, "potential" but unneccessary leach).

On the other hand, "apathetic birds", the friend that cried from losing the kite and the old lady telling you he deserves to have unrestrained time are the same symbol, with increasing understanding. From apathy to emotion (albeit "negative", i.e., feeling of loss) and then to allowance/acceptance.

This is a three step lesson RE: real freedom, acting from within, not from restraints. The old saying that if you really love somehting, you have to let it to and it will come back to you, is priceless. Whether this is meant that you were the caged bird or the cage, or the manipulated kite or the kite flyer or the wolf or the old lady, you know better. What is says gets the point accross.

You start with a trinity, and your dream is also three stages. I see three levels of understanding, and I am compulsed to make a comparison with "earth, purgatory, heaven."

Thank your wise old lady, she keeps showing you the "higher perspective" of things over and over.

Lucky you.


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Re: Three for One

Good advice from Steve and Victoria

The birds represent different aspects of the psyche {perhaps body, mind and soul}. The blue bird probably represents a desire for happiness, freedom to be that 'true' person within.

Your mascuine self feels it is losing its grip on your psyche. But your wise self knows better. You are integrating all the aspects of your psyche which in turn creates balance and harmony in your life.

Whereas in the second dream your masculine self fears losing control, the last dream shows how by integrating all the aspects of the psyche, becoming the complete self, the masculine self has even more freedom to express itself. But always under the watchful eye of the wise feminine self. Thus the masculine aspect can be both aggressive, but with compassion.

Jesus was the perfect example of how to live out of the feminine aspect, letting the feminine be the lead and yet letting the masculine show itself when needed {anger at the moneychangers John 2:13-17}.


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Re: Three for One

Steve, Victoria, Gerard -
Again, tremendous insight...and many thanks for shedding additional light on these most recent of dreams. I met a friend for coffee this morning - she made several comments that further confirm your collective interpretations (and may reveal tangible evidence of "following your bliss"). "You seem to be so at peace and so comfortable with the road you're traveling - I don't believe that I've ever known you to be so free-spirited - you're like a 'bird out of the cage'- it's obvious that you're discovering what you were created for."

I know I have not "arrived"'s truly a journey (process) complete with those nagging confidence issues - but let's just say I'm definitely feeling more certain of the direction. I hope to reciprocate in like measure what I have been given...guidance, encouragement, and friendship.

Thank you all,

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