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Hi Gerard,

Looking for your input on a dream I had a few days ago.

I'm at my parent's house, where there is a vegatable garden on the side of the house. I find a boat, sort of like an ark b/c it's made entirely of brown wood. I step inside the boat and am looking around. I open up the windows and am walking around thinking how nice this boat is, and that it is a beautiful day and am just soaking it all in. For some reason, I'm not fully dressed, just a t-shirt, like maybe I had decided to laydown....not sure.

Anyway, the boat begins to move, it's floating/hovering over the ground b/c there is no water, and it's moving into the main part of my backyard.

I'm a little distraught b/c I know that my dad will see the boat once it moves into open view and will want to come talk to me about it. I don't want this to happen b/c I'm not dressed and am not wanting to answer his questions anyway.

Like I had predicted, he comes outside and asks me how I got the boat to move, etc. I'm a little uncomfortable b/c I'm not dressed, but he doesn't seem to notice... just wants to ask questions and inspect the boat.

Any thoughts? I've had a lot of dreams about clothes recently, and I'm pretty sure it has to do with me wanting to move/change jobs, etc. This was the first dream to do with clothes. The other dreams I've had involve changing clothes.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Re: Boat

I will interpret this dream without going back to your previous dreams. I may do that after I finish my interpretation. I like doing it this way so to approach the dream without any pre-conceived ideas. Jung says that is the best way to approach the dream. Then by looking at a series of dreams the plot usually unfolds into a smoothly orchestrated play.
Parent's house may be a reference to actual time in life. The veggie garden may represent variety, growth. Being on the side of the house {you} may indicate say something about your growth as a child. The boat is how you navigate the unconscious contents. Being an ark, it may be saying something about rescue or survival. Wood is often symbolic of nurturing and durability. Brown may represent a declining position. Being in the boat {navigating the unconscious} you feel at home. But you find you are not fully dressed {discovering those unknown things about yourself}. Being undressed may also be an actual experience in life.

The boat is now navigating into conscious focus but you are still within the unconscious realm. You are beginning to see but not all is yet clear.
Your Dad may be a reference to the relationship with him. The boat is now that self that moves out of the conscious world inner knowledge and into the world of outer reality. You are not sure you are ready to confront this aspect {not being dressed, not wanting to answer}. What your dad sees is you seeing within your unconscious {that thing that you are afraid of seeing yourself}.

Now you are moving the boat out of the unconscious to conscious knowing. What is it that needs to be inspected about the boat {boat being how you navigate your unconscious contents}.

You know, I don’t see a real relationship to the changes in jobs that you mention. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What it may represent is the changes you are going through and the insecurities you have experienced during these changes, being compared to another time in life where you also went through changes and had similar insecurities. Perhaps in some way being undressed in front of your father at a time in life where you were growing into a young woman and out of being a little girl was embarrassing and caused insecurities.
Or it could be something entirely different, some other experience in life that has nothing to do with the changes that have recently undertaken. You state in the last sentence that you feel it has to do with changing clothes. That could be a reference to changing times in your life {growing into a young woman} and also have to do with clothes in general.
One thing that happens when you investigate the unconscious is that whatever is there bubbles up to your conscious eye. You may all of sudden see something that you have completely forgotten about or repressed. There is usually a stimulus for this in your current waking life. The changes and insecurities of recent could be the stimulus. That is for you to determine.

Look back at your childhood first and see if there is anything that may fit what I have said. If not then we need to looker further into the possibilities. I look forward to your response since this is something entirely different from your previous dreams. It may cause us to look back at those dreams and see what deeper meaning they may hold {although I feel we hit upon the right personal interpretation of the dream message}.

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Re: Boat

Hi, some aspects of yr dream stike me and I'd like to share them
- you seem very comfortable on the arc ,,, and even when it begins to move.
Comfortable enough to wander around exposed ,,, the real you.
- you know the arc ,,, the figure of 'dad' doesn't ,,,,
- the 'dad' figure is not concerned about your exposure, he is not concerned about seeing the real you ,,, he is intregued by the arc
- could this suggest that it is safe to expose the realy you to the 'outer' you?

take care

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Re: Re: Boat


I can't really say that I've had any uncomfortable experiences with dad in my waking life, so I'm pretty sure that that's not it.

I agree more with the idea that I'm (my conscious self) beginning to realize something about the real me, and that maybe I'm not comfortable admitting it (lack of clothes). I really have no idea what this could be, but I'm always trying to look within and get more in touch with my intuition, etc. So I'm sure it's related. My first instinct was that it was about moving, so maybe deep down I know it's not time yet, but I don't want that to be true.

I also realized that I've had another dream before where I'm trying to hide something from another 'dad' figure. (the dream about the house and the door)

Is there a significance to the boat floating? I'm going to post another dream shortly, perhaps there is another connection that I'm missing.


Also, please forgive my delayed replies. I've been having trouble with my computer.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26

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