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Dreams are a succession of images, actions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind primarily during the REM stage of sleep. Dreams are unbiased, spontaneous products of the unconscious, outside the control of conscious will. The act of dreaming is physical but the contents of dreams is psychological. They are NATURAL expressions of the dreamer's emotional/personal life illustrating experiences that possess strong emotional energies. Although there are literal applications in dreams the primarily language is symbolic, metaphorical of the dreamer's emotional energies.
  • 1. Dreams are about the emotions, emotional energies of the person who is dreaming. They offer advice and a deeper understanding of our waking life as well as the foundations for the emotional energies of the dreamer.

  • 2. The language of dreams is symbolic, but also with literal applications {literal waking experinces}. The symbolic images and actions are metaphors for the patterns or motifs for the dreamer's emotional/psychological/physical life. Every character in a dream is a different aspect of an unacknowledged aspect of the dreamer and/or a prevalent situation in the person's life involving actual persons/experiences {dreams will address both aspects}.

  • 3. The purpose and function of dreams is to guide the conscious self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to the problems in waking life. Solutions to problems and conflicts from everyday life, as well as the deeper underlying issues, 'emotional injuries' that stem from the foundations of the dreamer {early life experiences and trama experiences in life}.
    ---Dreams reveal vital information that expose the authentic emotions and feelings that are often concealed from the conscious mind.
    ---Dreams compensate for conscious attitudes and personality traits that are out of balance.

  • 4. Dreams are intentional. Nature provides us with dreams to understand and help heal emotional conflicts/issues. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psych{ology} has the dream.

  • 5. Dreams possess 'Archteypal' representations. Archetypes are universal, original patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. An archetype is an inherited tendency of the human mind to form representations of mythological motifs-representations of the symbolic images/actions without losing their basic emotional pattern. Dreams and mythology share the same archetypal images, myths as illustrations of the universal patterns and dreams as illustrations of personal patterns.

  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation metaphorical of the emotional energies and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section

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    Letters On My Plate

    I had a bewildering dream this morning and would be most appreciative of any insight that might bring some clarity to the message.

    At a restaurant with my family - parents, both daughters, son-in-law, and ex-husband. We were celebrating my Dad's birthday (which in real life is next week). Following dinner, we parted and I began walking to the garage where I had parked my car earlier - on the second floor. My ex asked if I would mind giving him a ride home - I agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly. We got in the elevator of the parking garage and he pushed the button for 3rd floor - even though I told him my car was on the 2nd. When the elevator door opened, there was a small, round dining table set up. My ex motioned for me to sit down. I suddenly felt very tired, with no will or energy to be anything but compliant. There were white plates with black letters embossed on them - possibly Japanese symbols. The waiter poured a thick syrup on the plates, which caused the black letters to loosen and rise. With extreme difficulty, I ate the syrup and the letters...I could barely swallow.

    I don't know that I've had a dream recently that has had such an effect on me, or evoked such emotion. Definitely a feeling that some "unfinished business" has risen to the surface.


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    Re: Letters On My Plate


    Here is my interpretation.

    Your whole self is prepared for new knowledge. There is recognition of the re-birth of a higher masculine aspect. Upon learning this new knowledge about yourself you want to put in it an unconscious place where it resided previously. But it has risen up to the subconscious level. This aspect wishes to be consciously acknowledged. But you resist. When you finally open up to it there is the realization that this completes some unknown quality about yourself. This masculine identity takes control. You have no will to fight it. There is truth within the unconscious that comes to light of consciousness. You reluctantly abide by your unconscious wish. You can barely swallow what you have learned.

    There seems be some unresolve issues dealing with the masculine aspect. It could have to do with your father or some other masculine figure you think of as a 'higher authority'. Apparently this has been repressed in your unconscious and now wishes to be acknowledged. Exactly what masculine qualities it is trying to present is unclear. Let me know what you think are the possibilities and we can explore further.

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    Re: Letters On My Plate

    Hi Deedee,
    Recently I have had some dreams that communicate an event or object that I have been involved with (I have discovered that some dreams use the most recent experience as a means to communicate a symbol, which is why some people think that dreams are just sifting and filing through what happened in the last couple of days). It has helped me to reflect on what I was thinking feeling or doing in relation to the object or situation. For instance what do you really think about your Dad's birthday. Do you have to do something? What do you have to do and why are you doing it? What are your real feelings about it? These aren't questions I am asking you - these are questions you have to ask yourself. Hope this helps. Stephen.

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    Re: Letters On My Plate

    Thanks, Stephen - you bring up some very valid points, as well as some questions I feel I'll definitely need to consider.

    Most interesting aspect of this particular dream was the emotion it generated...almost screams 'take note'.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply.


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    Re: Letters On My Plate

    I believe you're definitely on the right track - I spent considerable time thinking about the masculine aspect (even though I probably would have rather opted for a root canal!)and why it is that my typical dream responses to this aspect are suspicion, mistrust and fear. There are three major/fairly frequent masculine representations in my dreams; my father, my ex-husband, and the wolf; each generating an intense emotion.

    * In this last dream, I was seated a considerable distance away from my Dad during his birthday dinner/celebration - which I feel may be rather significant.

    Though I love him dearly, he was a very distant figure in my childhood...stoic and vaguely disapproving - quite unapproachable. We were always expected to spend Sunday afternoons with his family, which would have been enjoyable had it not been for an uncle that took every opportunity to touch me inappropriately. I was 13 years old and very shy. I finally gathered the courage to tell my parents...and was disillusioned when the weekly visits continued per usual and my fears unattended to. This went on for three years - until the uncle died unexpectedly of a heart attack. I never shed a tear at his funeral. But, I believe a seed of mistrust took root in my heart - possibly toward my Dad whom I expected to protect me? Interesting, I had never associated the mistrust factor with my Dad and this particular life experience until now.

    * In the dream, my ex-husband is again assuming a very controlling role. I feel strong resistance - especially at being forced to eat something unpalatable and against my will.

    In real life, he's a good man. We parted amicably, but after 28 years it was/is extremely painful - a tremendous sense of loss. He was also immensely controlling. His words were the last. And, I fought often with having to "swallow" something that was contrary to my own personal belief system. In the end, I was tired of the struggle and just nodded in false agreement. I came to view everything he claimed to be with suspicion.

    * Even though I didn't see the wolf in the dream, I was sure he was nearby.

    The wolf represents a powerful and fearsome figure to me - and there are times in my dreams that I feel he is attempting to intimidate me for the purpose of gaining complete control. This is the suspicion factor in play...because thus far his actions have proved otherwise. I want (perhaps even need) to trust him.

    Let me know your thoughts - particularly if you feel I'm overlooking some deeper meaning to the dream. Perhaps my reply will help to put some of the pieces together - you've stated that it can be beneficial if you have a clearer understanding of the dreamer/dreamer's life experiences. However, I've noted that you manage to interpret quite well without any foreknowledge.


    Stephen's reply also contained some thought-provoking questions.

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    Re: Re: Letters On My Plate

    ive read what people have said about this dream and collectivley the core of the dream has been touched,it seems to me that ,your relationships with the males in your life have effectivly drained you of belief and trust in your own inner male which is needed for balance, ,and this is reflected, as you stated yourself, in the suspicious factor with the wolf.the fact you mention the wolf as seperate from your father and ex husband suggests to me that the wolf ,does represent that inner masculine energy that you need,(unless you know of someone else)it just needs to be domesticated,ie accepted,
    you remind me of a butterfly struggling to break free of its casing,keep going you will out.steve

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