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Follow Up To Dream Interpretations

When a dream is posted at the Forum and an interpretation is provided by myself or another Forum contributor, we request a follow up to the interpretation{s}. Because it does take time and effort to interpret a dream I think it is only fair that there is a response by the person who posts the dream to provide a follow up. If there is not a posted follow up within a few days I contact the person who makes the request for an interpretation and inform them of the interpretations. If there is still not a reply to my request for a follow up post I will send one final request for a follow up. If the information is too personal I only ask that the person let me know of this.

If, after the second request for a follow up to a dream there is not a response I will suspend the future priviledges of that person to post a dream for interpretation. Since this is a free service the only request I make is this follow up post so we all can better understand the processes of the dream. Please give some thought to the effort put forth by the Dream Forum contributors in trying help others with their dream{s}. I do not think is this too much to ask.

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