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dream interpretation

i was in the desert; it did not feel unpleasant or too hot.i was wearing long black flowing robes that were being swished around by the wind. There was a magnificent black horse running at a full gallop.he was strong & powerful. he was running towards me; i was not startled (no fear he was going to run over me,trample me, etc).As he was running i admired how magnificent he was. there was nothing/noone else present.

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Re: dream interpretation

Deserts often symbolize certain types of emotions, and wearing black flowing robes may indicate covering up these emotions, or emotions that are unconscious and have yet to be confronted consciously. Winds also symbolize emotions. What I get from your narrative is these emotions are present but are not necessarily threatening or harmful.

Horses also can symbolize emotions. A galloping horse often represents uncontrolled ecstasy, but not
getting bogged down in sensuality or material ambitions. Being a strong and powerful creature in your dream probably indicates it is a strong force in your life, unconscious if not conscious {when I say unconscious it means that you may not be aware of the influence these emotions have on your waking life}. The fact that you were not afraid of the horse in your dream reflects the waking feelings you feel also.

One good possibility the dream may be trying to communicate has to do with sex {some may feel I have a Freudian outlook on dreams, but I don't. As much as Freud was wrong about dreams, he also was right on some aspects and the power it has in our lives}. Look at your life and determine what it is that is strong and powerful in your life, particularily your emotional life. Is sex an important and magnificent force for you? Look at the discribing words and think what fits these words in your life. Magnificent is seen twice in your dream. Strong and powerful may indicate what you should be looking for. Also admiration.

Let me know your thoughts. Perhaps there is a stallion that comes forward that you were not consciously aware of.


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Re: Re: dream interpretation

hi,just something to ponder,on reading your post i was struck with the amount of black symbolism.
putting aside the negative symbolism of black,
it is a well known fact that it is a colour that is used to absorb heat,so passions,emotions ,spring to mind.
the desert is a place thats hot in the day,cold at night,does this suggest anything to you?
dreams as jung stated,tend to compensate for lopsided conscious attiudes,how did the dream make you feel when you awoke?

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