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the king and the grail

hi,i read some of joseph campbells work last night.the piece i read contain the phrase,"some people look for great wealth to save them".
this dream i had ,in relation to these words, i have to share,feel free to comment if you wish,although i think its self explanitary.
i am running very fast down the left side of a cobbled street ,partly on a grassy bank.
i am tripping and stumbling over boxes and fences,chickens and all manner of obsticals,but i keep getting up and carrying on.
i am trying to get ahead of the king who is riding with another knight towards a castle gate leading to the outside.
at the gate there is a huge chest full of gold,it is this the king is going for.
my final obstical,getting my red cloak caught on a nail or hook,i had to heave and rip myself free.
i manage to get ahead of him,and jump in front of his horse to stop him.
i stick my sword in the ground like a cross.
i tell him i have found the grail and i have also rescued the female.
he replies,parsifal ,you have done this!!they cannot believe it.
i am so full of emotion i can hardly get my words out.
the king puts his hand on my shoulder to calm me.
i tell him i carry the grail with me,the land will be healed.
great joy erupts all round.
i know i have not arrived at this yet,but it has at least ,allowed me to see, the potential we all have in us.and that which we seek, is closer than our own heartbeat.
many thanks for all the members contributions in helping to unwravel the world of dreams.

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Re: the king and the grail

Hi Steve,

A search or a quest for a valuable treasure almost always symbolizes the individuation process and a search for the Self.

As you dream begins, you are running down the left side of a street. Despite the fact that you are tripping and stumbling over boxes and fences, chickens and all manner of obstacles, you keep going. These symbolize the things have been hindering your individuation process. The left side emphasizes your search into the unconscious. It appears that you are running towards a chest full of gold.

However, a king and his knights are also headed towards the treasure at the gate of a castle. I suspect that the king and perhaps his knights as well is a symbol of your ego.

As you mentioned in your dream, you have a final obstacle. The obstacle is your red cloak that was caught on a nail or a hook. You give a heave and rip yourself free. The red color suggests passion and the desire for survival while the cloak could symbolize your persona.

You reach the gate of the castle ahead of the king and his knights. You then stick your sword into the ground like a cross. I believe that this symbolizes the Self and its dominance over the ego. In addition to finding the grail, you have rescued the female. You have, therefore, completed a giant step in the individuation process. This is further emphasized when, as you mentioned, you carry the grail with you and the land will be healed.

Hope this helps,

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