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Re: Re: Re: Re: Ghosts and Mirrors


My apologies for the delayed response. Work has been a nightmare for me lately.

About the dreams, I do have to admit that I have a lot of anger that stems from my childhood. It's possible that I may have these feelings about more than 1 person, but the anger that I'm aware of is actually towards my mom, and not another male.

I realize that it's very unhealthy for me to keep this anger bottled up. The problem is that I think the only way it will go away is for me to forgive her, which is something I'm not ready to do yet.

I think my dreams are telling me that I need to address this. The dreams aren't clear about who or what's it's talking about, b/c consiously I don't want to know or remember.

On a lighter note... I was having many dreams about changing jobs and wanting to move,etc. Well I did get another job, (I haven't started yet) and it's exactly what I had been striving for.

I also enjoyed looking at the pictures of your deck. It looks great. Now that my dad is retired, he also takes on minor carpentry projects, so I definitely have a strong appreciation for the time and thought process that goes into those kinds of projects.

Take care and thanks again.

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