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speeding car

I am on a college campus, in the winter. It is snowing and icy. I am driving a car, and all of a sudden it is speeding very fast and I have no control over it. I take my feet off the pedals and hands off the steering wheel and close my eyes, and just wait for the car to run over people or hit something, because I know there is nothing I can do about it. Finally, the car comes to a stop, I get out, and no one is around, so I am relieved that I didn't kill anybody or run into anything. I turn around and there is one person standing there, my boyfriend from high school who I haven't seen in about 35 years. He still looks 17. We don't speak. There are a couple of dogs running around close by.

I don't see how all these elements are connected - the college campus, my old boyfriend, the dogs... how do they relate to the speeding car?
Thanks, Jerry

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Re: speeding car

College is a place of educating yourself, a higher learning. In a dream that education is learning more about yourself, a higher education that perhaps delves into aspects that you may be unaware of or have not properly acknowledged. Snow and ice often symbolize blocked or unexpressed emotions, feeling unable to express yourself emotionally. The car is you, and you are driving {consciously you are in control}. But unconsciously there are fears of being unable to control certain situations in your life. You feel an inability to steer certain aspects of your life as you wish and let happen whatever happens {having to do with those aspects}. You feel there is nothing you can do about it.

When you let emotions out you feel relieved. There is not the disaster you thought there would be. But this is done when no one is around, suggesting you are confronting these emotions but not sharing them with anyone else. You may be admitting to yourself for the first time certain things that have been hidden from others, and yourself.

The part of the dream about an old boyfriend is significant. Old often symbolizes past experiences. The boyfriend may be your animus, masculine aspect. But it also could have a connection to the actual person {old boyfriend}, or perhaps an experience with the boyfriend that happened long ago but has been remembered, if only unconsciously in the dream.
{I haven't seen in about 35 years. He still looks 17}. Look back to that time. It may reveal what the dream is trying to communicate about that experience, or the relationship to you in the present that had connections to that time.

As for the dogs. There are many possibilities to the symbolization associated with dogs. They are obedient and protective. They are guardians and protectors. And they represent our human animal nature. Perhaps the emotions the dream is dealing with are those that you protect, guard against being let out. Prehaps the higher learning the dream is trying to communicate is one of letting these protective emotions out.

Let me know your thoughts to the interpretation. We may be able to expand on the dream's message with your response.

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Re: Re: speeding car

I’m sure there are many aspects that are not properly acknowledged – in my family as well as at work. I’ve held back many emotions – to be pleasing and to be liked. Very co-dependent. I was in my late thirties before I realized that if I didn’t have my own goals, I would continue to let others use me to accomplish theirs. I knew the speeding car had something to do with feeling out of control. I think that comes into play mostly when I consider marriage. Marriage seems to me the biggest way to give up control – so my fear of marriage is great. And I feel there is nothing I can do about it. It is too late. There are also a lot of blocked emotions regarding my family and friends. Since most of them are married, my single viewpoint does not carry much value, and I have learned to keep my feelings to myself when they talk to me about their problems So all of that part of your interpretation makes complete sense. It is interesting to find out that the snow and ice indicates blocked or unexpressed emotions. I have had dreams about that before and related it more literally because I was in a bad car accident 2 yrs ago where someone else lost control on the ice and hit me. This was the first time the dream had me being the one losing control on the ice.

However, when I finally do let out emotions, I don’t feel relieved. Disaster has happened in the past when I have done that. Things are worse at work and with my family, because my emotion is often anger. I used to keep everything in and do what others wanted, until I got old enough and brave enough to say no. People who were not used to that got mad. Our family fell apart – my mother even had a stroke. I got fired from a well paying management position, and struggled financially for 7 years. If anything, I am less inclined to believe saying and doing what I truly feel will accomplish anything. So I have come to rarely show my emotions anywhere but when I’m alone. The people I work with call that “good boundaries”, but I just feel numb. Or maybe I am still struggling with how to have appropriate boundaries, and still feel real.

When I re-think my relationship with my old boyfriend, the main thing that comes to mind is that I consider him the one that treated me the best. He was a good person who loved me and didn’t play games. We were very young, and it was an exciting time. So it is a very good memory, and I hope a good sign that he was the one there on the campus, rather one of the abusive ones.

If the dogs are representing protected emotions that I am not letting out, that makes sense for all the reasons I already stated. Your interpretation is very helpful because it re-emphasizes to me how much I hold back, and this has come up many times for me in the last few years. But I would not have gotten that from a dream that I was thinking was only about feeling out of control. It was much more than that, and holding so much in is a bigger hindrance than I want to admit. Meaning, I am in denial about only living half a life, and it is good to be confronted with that. Now I need some dreams to reveal to me how I can feel safe enough to start living life more fully.

This is better than therapy. Thank you.

Re: Re: Re: speeding car

Thanks for the 'better than therapy' remark. Dreams are therapeutical because they do acknowledge and confront the true emotions. That is the first step to inner healing.
Instead of letting out the emotions perhaps it is better termnology to say acknowledge the emotions.

Expectations are often at the core of what happens to us in life. If we expect it to fail the chances increase that we will fail. But the expectations are not merely something that occur, it is some part of our inner struggle. That inner struggle most often stems from early life experiences or traumatic life experiences. To understand the root cause of how we act in our later years of life we must first acknwledge the early years and the influences from that time that make us who we are as adults. It is self psychology, very private and always therapeudic.

Your struggle with feeling out of control when it comes to marriage seems to be an intrical part of your emotional state of being. Your family {father/mother/siblings} falling apart would explain part of your fears toward marriage. It may also explain some of your expectations of disaster in other aspects of your life. This is the core of who you are, those experiences from early life carry over, very often unconsciously, as motivators as to your psychological makeup as an adult. Confronting that part of your life is most important. And when you do acknowledge all that was there during that period of life, you will discover many things about yourself that you never knew or perhaps repressed. This is the a important part of Jung's Individuation Process.

But I do understand that you have in some meaningful way given much thought to this part of your life. Yet there is still the numbness. Not being able to express yourself fully is a deterrent to being whole. Perhaps it is time to expand your boundaries. Not all at once but in small steps, controlled steps, yet in an invironment that will test those previous boundaries. Expanding your area of control will help with those parts that you can not control. And with time you will be able to accept those things you can not control and realize that controlling everything around you is not what you want. Expectations will be confined to the realities of your life and the positive will be accented.

Perhaps future dreams will cast new light on what you need to do to bring about wholeness. You have begun the process of exploring your inner life through your dreams and to continue that process will provide new insights. I have no doubts about that happening, I see it all the time. Great sages and even greater wisdoms {Buddhism and Gnosticism are good examples} have the same message. When you look within you will find that thing you are looking for. I think so.

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! , lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:20-21, KJV

Look forward to your next dream. Since you have begun the process and are aware of the dream mind, your dreams will assist you in your search. Have a pencil and paper by your bed and write the dream just as you remember it as soon as you awake. Also write any associations that you feel important. The process will prove itself, and provide insights to the inner world that consciousness can only dream of.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: speeding car

Thank you again.
I will continue to write future dreams down and will write again, I'm sure.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: speeding car

Hi Peggy,
I just looked at the site after some days - I have noticed with my significant dreams that there may be a lag time until the next 'big one', with either little to remember or little of note - so don't be concerned. Through this I have learnt the difference between dreams reflecting on the day to day concerns and the big issues.
Also significant dreams can be savoured for some long periods of time - reflect on them often, as issues and possibiities arise in daily life maybe reflect on the dream "anything relevant there?" -, then decisions are 'conscious' rather than reflex ,,, and that can bring slow profound change.
Good luck with your journey, it is the best

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