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reflecting conflict?

Hi Gerard, lately I feel like I'm in conflict with myself. I take everything so personally, and tend to cry often. I hate myself for it, but it seems like I can't change it.
The dream I had last night was of me and another girl, someone I didn't know. We were together in a room, crouching opposite each other. I think she might have been crouching below a window. She seemed to be upset, perhaps crying, I kissed her head to try to make her feel better. And then quite unexpectedly I suggested we should go to the beach.
We got there, she started going into the water, the waves were quite high, but it seemed the beach was quite close to the road, there seemed to be no sand in between. I started to get wet in the water too, then I noticed a few jellyfish, and pointed to her to be careful. I didn't go further and when she asked me why, I said I didn't have a swimsuit on.
What could this mean, is this other girl me, is she braver then me in real life? I had a dream a while ago about beach and jellyfish, this time my mother was there, and I remember you suggested it has something to do with my relationship with my mother.

Also another dream I had two nights ago, was that my tongue was missing. A doctor came to our house, and removed my tongue, there was no blood, and I remember seeing my tongue. I was able to speak though, but the more I did the worse my speech got. The doctor wasn't coming back for a while, and I was upset, he was being late.

Sorry I am asking two dreams at a time, but perhaps could they relate to each other, they occured one after the other.

thank you

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Re: reflecting conflict?

I went back over your previous posts to see what conflicts were in your life. I noticed the jellyfish in this dream. You posted a dream lighthouse, jellyfish and mother back in August. The jellyfish must have something to do with this other part of you in this dream.

The other girl is indeed another part of you. This dream is full of water which suggests to me that there is some unconscious conflicts that have yet to be resolved. Emotions that you may not want to face up to. Kissing you on the head suggests this is mental, psychological conflicts. The window is an openning to better understanding these conflicts. The dream about the jellyfish and your mother may be the clue to your conflicts.

The second dream seems to involve an inability to communicate your emotions, or express something that needs to be let out. Taking all the dreams together I would first focus on your mother and that relationship. Since jellyfish can sting, even poison, this may be symbolic of the mother relationship.

In one of your other posts you said that seeking counceling by a professional would seem to be a sign of weakness on your part. If in fact you have discovered what the conflicts are in your life and still can not resolve them, counceling is not a sign of weakness but a recognition of the strenght needed in resolving your conflicts. This other part of you is that strenght, to go past what other think and expect and do what is best for your mental health. And if there are deeper issues {with all the water in this dream that seems to a real possibility} then counceling will help resolve those issues also. I suggest you reconsider your position and seek help in resolving these issues. I can help with interpreting your dreams but resolving the underlying causes will take more than I can offer. I wish I could do more.

What are your thoughts?


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Re: reflecting conflict?

Hi Magda,

The jellyfish - slimmy, transparent, wishy washy, stinging, entangling, tentacles ,,, maybe this is how you view yr unconscious side ? some other part of you or your mother? Any clues from your inside?

In some cultures, being kissed on the head is a blessing.
Remember you comforted her, you kissed her, and you suggested to go to the beach.

Having no swimming costume on ,,, naked, exposed ,, any clues there? Are there issues within that revealing will leave you feeling exposed?

Counselling can be a great way to go - viewed as a pro-active step. Perhaps to help keep focus. Or as an independant guide.

All the best. JC

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Re: Re: reflecting conflict?

Thank you Gerard and Justin,

thank you for replying :-)
Gerard, I think the jellyfish keeps coming back now and then, I have seen the councellor years back about the problems I had with my relationship with my mother. I think I have dealt with them, although other emotions reappered. I don't know they have anything to do with my mother, well I'd like to think so anyway. I see myself as an emotional person, perhaps more than others, and so maybe a person of habit, I don't know if this makes sense, but could I have developed a habit of getting emotional and tearful?
yes the water is quite prominent in my dreams, again emotions taking over.

Gerard and Justin, looking back at my dream, kissing myself on the head, I now think of it that I can find solutions from inside, perhaps it's the only way, i now think of finding strength within me.

Are there any other emotions that i need to let out Gerard? Well I think the opposite really, I think I let it out too much. But again perhaps I haven't in other ways. The journey of getting to know oneself is a long one isn't it?

Do you think it's not possible to solve problems by yourself? I would prefer to deal with these issues myself, well that's what i think when I am in good spirits, but then again when I feel sad I really feel like there's no other way. I will however consider seeing the counsellor in the future.

I have people around me that love me, my parents, my boyfriend. I don't know why I get sad... I don't seem to be able to get over little arguments, thinking about them etc. I take things seriously, and analyse things that people say to me, especially the things that my boyfriend tells me - I think I am afraid at times of hurting him, of getting hurt, or not being understood etc. I know he's here for me, yet he can't help me too.

Justin, in my dream I had clothes on, but no swimming suit on me or with me, i wasn't naked. Somewhat just not ready to go for a swim.

Anyway, I really appreciate you help, thank you for reading and responding to my dreams. I know that you can help me only with interpreting my dreams, I am sorry if I have gone on too much about my problems.

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Re: Re: reflecting conflict?

Thank you for your reply Justin, I have replied to your response and Gerards in the above.

You are right about the jellyfish being the emotions
'entangling'. The more I think about why I am sad the more entangled I get, and 'transparent' - emotions written on my face, exposed, fragile.

I like your interpretation of 'kissing on the head' as a symbol of blessing.
Could this kiss be: kissing my younger self, needing my childhood self back or kissing the past goodbye, or perhaps blessing for the future - for more strength, for comfort? Needing strength within for whats to come ahead...

thanks Justin

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Re: reflecting conflict?

So, the tonge dream collides with the other, I think that you wish to be brave, but the when you do, IT only gets you into trouble, (your speech getting worse)I think you are having troubles opening up, if you take the time to think about what you are trying to say, and preparing yourself more for what lies ahead, you will become a stronger person

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Re: reflecting conflict?

Hi Magdalena,

I can see some common themes between this dream, the necklace dream, the jellyfish and walking on the beach with your mom, the spiders...the basement boyfriend getting grated...

Sometimes when our emotions are too much for us to handle in waking life our unconscious has a double load to carry for us. I think the advice that people gave you on this forum is excellent, I just want to reiterate what others have said.

Maybe you are really suffering and need to release some emotions but don't know how to do it in a way that feels safe. If you can get a journal and have some privacy to write anything you want in it without worring if anyone would read it that is a great way to start.

Even taking a few minutes alone each day, to just acknowledge, process and work through feelings may help.

Counselling can be an amazing gift we give ourselves. Its not a sign of weakness. Think of this analogy. What if you were a surgeon and you got hurt, badly and needed an operation to save yourself. What if it was a brain tumor? Even if you are a neurologist and have the skill to operate on someone like yourself, you couldn't do it. We need objectivity and a safe place to vent and also bring our mind-thought patterns, emotions out into conscious space where we can manage them.

A counsellor cannot tell you what to do, but he/she can guide you in discovering what you need, and helping you heal. Even if you are not ready for certain issues that you may know about that need healing, a counsellor can help you deal with those issues that are easier to face...start with the less difficult things first to build a foundation.

I've mentioned in previous posts that your dreams are giving you problems with solutions, that they are showing you your strengths.

Another analogy for counseling. What if you got a splinter and it went in deep, and got infected. Would it be a sign of weakness to go to the doctor to have it removed? I'm not saying that seeking counseling is a sign of being 'sick'. Au contraire, and here is a story a great martial arts teacher once told me. He said the people that most need self-defense classes are the onces least likely to take one. Its the people in his classes that he's not worried about. The same goes for counseling. It takes a lot of courage to face painful emotions and painful relationships. Counseling can be like a breath of fresh air. If you decide for it, just make sure you get a good therapist, someone you like, feel comfortable with, safe with and can talk with freely and not someone who tells you what to do (like I just did :).

Good luck and take good care of yourself. I think you are going through a hard time but you will gain much on this journey, so hang in there.


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