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Dear Gerard,
from my last dream interpretation i have conclude that what I have been repressed is my homosexuality due to culture and religion believes presssure.since that last dream, I have had two more dreams.the first is:

my mother call me on the phone, she says she is in town, she is coming to visit me( she is actually live in countryside) When she arrived, my sister help her to carry her luggage ( strange but my sister is living in another country actually so why is she living with me in my dream). I told my mother that the mattresses bought by father are all falling apart, but my mother says we should continue to use them despite they is new mattresses high qualities unpacked from switzerland.All the dream is happening not in the house i am living but a nice house unfamiliar suppossed to be where i live. P.S my sister is the only member of my family who accept me as I am (gay) and think i should not change.she is living in switzerland.

second dream:

I am in my university, but the building are unfamiliar,I am going downstairs, the ground floor, I come across the daughter of the pastor of the church i used to go when i was a child.I also study with that girl in high school but in my dream she is at the same university as me. She great me and I am suprised since we don't share same morality values.I don't want to go to the church anymore because i believe that is what made it difficult to come out as gay to my parents who still are trying to change me in because of their religion. so I am suprised to see the daughter of the pastor who know that I am openly gay and to says hello to me .

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Re: Gay

I appreciate your post. And your willingless to share with others the true aspects of who you are. From your last post and your willingness to share your 'coming out', we now know what was repressed as given in your last dream post {My last dream}.
The room {sister's room} that you relate to in your last dream makes sense in showing your true identification. Those things that were hidden in the cupboard, the two notebooks, can now be seen as an identification of the two aspects of your true self {masculine and feminine}. I assume that the accusations from your father in the dream probably has to do with real life situations. Does the inclusion of your cousin have any particular meaning?

As for these dreams, here are my interpretations.

First Dream
Let's assume that your sister {who is the only family member who has accepted your true identity} in this dream represents your true sister as well as your homosexual identity. The luggage may be your mother's inability to accept your true identity? It could also relate to the higher self having to carry around this true identity {the higher self being feminine}. The mattress is what your father wishes you to be, masculine {he expects you lay in the bed he has made for you which is masculine}. Your mother wants you to use this masculine identity also since she believes a son who is homosexual is a lesser quality. The Switzerland symbol relates to your sister. The unfamiliar nice house is your true identity.

Second Dream
Universities are places of higher learning. The unfamiliar building is probably those aspects of your homosexual idenity that you have previously refused to accept/admit. Going downstairs to the ground floor is the ground of who you really are.
The daughter of the pastor probably relates to your childhood, perhaps to unconscious identifications of even then as to your true identity. Again, the university is the higher understanding of who you are, the feminine aspects {the girl in high school is the feminine identification within you. Perhaps the real girl you knew in high school doesn't share the same morality ideas as you {many christians are immoral in their morality}. But you are you and now you are ready to say hello to your true identity.
{sisters, mothers, fathers and even other people in your dreams can symbolize their true selves and at the same time symbolize aspects of your true self}.

These dreams are reflecting your true self and probably re-inforcing the need to be that true self. It also reflects the gravity of your homosexual identity as it applies to your parents and friends. They are having a hard time accepting who you really are. But you can only be your true self. To do anything less would be a lie and a true moral person doesn't want to lie.

Thanks again Angelo for sharing your dreams and the facts surrounding your life. It shows how dreams want to show the true conditions of the waking life. I wish you the best in facing the immoral world that often dominates religious ideology. I would bet that if Jesus were to meet you in person he would accpet you for who you really are. Unfortuantely there are too many 'so called christians' who can not do the same. It may taake some time for your parents to accpet your homosexuality but hopefully that will come sooner than later.


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