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reoccuring dreams of babies!

In the past two months since I have been away at school I keep having a dream with the same object in it. I always end up with a baby that is mine, the thing is though I am never pregnant in the dream, and I dont deliver the baby, I just all of a sudden have my own baby. I often forget to tell my present boyfriend(who is also in the dream) about the baby till a day or so later. The first few times the baby was not attractive. I was either ashamed or I didnt want it. The past few times though I have been very happy and I have liked it.

I dont know if this means anything, but if somebody could try to help me out it wolud be much appreciated. Thank you, Brit

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Re: reoccuring dreams of babies!

Babies often represent new things that come into our lives. Since these dreams began about the same time you started to school and the first appearance of the
baby was thought of as being ugly, and then changes to something you are happy with and like, this change related to school could very well be what the baby symbolizes. Or some related experience that involves school or that period of time.
Not having delivered a baby but all of a sudden having the baby may indicate the new responsibilities placed on you with having to deal with school life. The shame you have at first may have to do with perhaps not being prepared for the challeneges. As you got used to the changes and made new friends the once ugly baby became acceptable.

As for your boyfriend in the dream, he may represent himself in some capacity, and perhaps also some masculine aspect within yourself {see Anima/Animus at left of page}. If he is not with you at school there may be anxieties that have to with your relationship with him. If it is inner masculine aspects it my be
addressing anxieties that require macsuline attitudes instead of feminine attitudes {such as emotions of loneliness, dependency, etc.}.

Look at those new experiences and events that have come about in the time frame you mentioned. Images in dreams symbolize aspects of the dreamer's life and if you compare the metaphors associated with the symbols you may be able to tie the two together. Often this is the case although not always. Let me know your impressions and perhaps we can get closer to the possible dream message.


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