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mine and husband dream

On Friday night my husband had a dream that a recent relative who passed away (killed himself) had come to a celebration we were having. My husband said to the relative "I thought you were dead" the relative replied "it was all a hoax, my girlfriend needed some money so I faked my death to get it"

side note here... there was no money for the girlfriend in regards to the relatives death.

the same night this was my dream

I was at the relatives funeral.. with my mother in law... she patted the chest of the deceased relative, and it was hollow... she looked at me and we both said "this isn't (relative) it's a doll" "relative is still alive"

(relative) is used instead of persons name.


unknown to both me and my husband, the relatives brother's wife gave birth friday night, before we had these dreams... we did not find out about the birth until saturday.

any ideas on these two dreams happening the same night... do you think that these dreams were to let us know "relative's" soul was reborn as the new baby in the family?

thanks in advance

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Re: mine and husband dream

It is important to understand that dreams are about the dreamer and the many aspects that make up the dreamer's life. Your husband's dream seems to be addressing some masculine aspect since the deceased is a male member of the family. In your dream the same is true, your dream is addressing some masculine aspect of your psyche. Neither dream gives enough information to really determine what aspect{s} this may be. But both dreams are reflecting aspects of each dreamer. Period.

The co-incidence of the new birth is simply that. You may wish to think it to be more but to look at these two dreams and see a relationship, I don't any at all. Sorry.


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Re: mine and husband dream

Thank you for taking the time to write back... I don't remember much more about my dream so I don't have any further insight.

I guess it was hopefull thinking that the two were related. (the death and the birth) and our wishing that the death wasn't real.

I will have to start paying better attention to my dreams and writing them down when I wake up to get a better feeling of what they are about.

Thank you again

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36 mn

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