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car in woods

My friend had this dream, but she doesnt have a comp, so I told her I would figure it out for her. . .
Anyways, she had a dream that she went to a party and when she parked, a man did a U-ey and stopped so close he almost hit her car. Then he gave her a really dirty look. . .Then, while she was at the party, there were fights going on, so she decided to leave. She went to go to her car and it was gone! Thinking someone stole her car, she called the police and they said there was nothing they could do since SHE had her keys to her car in her purse. But then someone asked her what kind of car she drove, and she told them, and they said her car was parked in the woods (or tall grass so she couldnt have seen it w/o really looking). Someone had pushed her car into the woods. So, she goes and gets in it and drives away. I have no clue what this means, and neither does she, but she did have a dream a few weeks ago about her car being in the woods, so it's recurring. . .Please help. Thanks.

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Re: car in woods

I am assuming your friend is a teen just as you are.

The first part of the dream probably has to do with some personal experience, the man doing the U-ey and almost hitting her car {she is the car}. But the context of even that probably is addressing some inner conflict she is experiencing. In her life, the party, there are fights going on which she wishes to get away from. Those conflicts probably have to do with her identity with herself, she can't find her stolen car. But she has the keys to who she is but may be insecure about that identity {they are hidden in her purse}. She is unable to see or determine her true identity because it is hidden away, probably due to peer pressure, perhaps to do with deeper issues.

Teenage life is a time where identity is being formed. Peer pressures often cause teens to act one way when in reality they are not that way, they are acting out what others expect from them. This dream is probably addressing those issues. To what extent her identity is in question, is it merely superfiscial and reacting to peer pressures, or are there deeper issues, I can not determine from the dream. But this of type dream is common among teens.


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