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disturbing dream

A while back I had a dream of an old woman screaming at me face to face. The dream was short but as the woman screamed she began to change into what I would say was a banshee. Any ideas?

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Re: disturbing dream

The dream most likely is addressing the aspects of your inner psyche. The old woman probably symbolizes the deeper unconscious, possible the wisdom aspects of your feminine self {see Anima/Animus in left column}. I was not familiar with the term banshee but after looking it up on-line it too seems to address the deeper feminine aspects. A banshee a feminine creature is from Irish mythology, a fairy type creature. A fairy in a man's dream often symbolizes good fortune in that it provides a better psychic balance. This may suggest that you should give more thought to your feminine aspects.

Also, the face to face confrontation may suggest this will improve your personality. Being too masculine in your approach to life can cause too much confrontation in your ego world as well as within yourself.

And there is that possibility of something even more profound about the banshee. Are you going through a spiritual identity crisis? Is it beyond what is traditional, not Christian but something else? Or isn there a creative aspect that is important for you but you have not been able to utilize it as you wish?

Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can expand on the possibilities of the dream message.


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