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My eye

Hi all,

first of all I'd like to say that I usually am quite good at interpreting my own dreams, but this time I'm finding it really difficult.

Some guy is looking at me very closely, I know who he is, we're face to face, he looks me in the eyes, few inches away from one another, that's when I realize that I had rubbed my left eye and I thought my make up was all messed up. So I say something like: oh, my eye must look all black (because of the black eyeliner), and I remember I felt uncomfortable because of that. But this guy didn't care much about that or so it seemed and he kept looking at me.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: My eye

If you possess an ability to interpret your dreams then you are probably very intuitive. Intuitiveness is most important when interpreting dreams. But there are other factors that are very important also. One is the dreamer's gender. Another is the age of the dreamer, which you did not provide. Age can have a real bearing in understanding dreams.

Your dream seems to be addressing concerns about acceptance, perhaps by the male gender, but perhaps also accepting aspects of your own self, particularily your masculine aspects {see Anima/Animus in left column}. The dream seems to focus on appearance which often symbolizes acceptance. Looking eye to eye with the guy you know {is there some guy in particular you wish would get to know you?} may represent this desire. There also may be qualities you feel you are lacking that concerns your inner masculine self. The later could be an unconscious thing represented by the black eye created by the running eyeliner. In both instances there may too much of a fear of being accepted. The dream seems to be saying not to worry so much about what is on teh outside but what is on the inside. And those masculine qualities, they may not be so important as you fear.

About your age. If I were to guess I would think you are under 25.


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Re: My eye

Thank you, Gerard.

Sorry for not posting my thanks earlier, but I replied personally using your email address.

Better late than never :-)

I'll be back soon with new dreams, hopefully! :-D

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