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Dogbite Becoming Reality

This one still haunts me today...Okay, so it was Thanksgiving time and our family was coming over. We were a little worried about our dog because he had issues and was a little crazy. So, I have a dream. In the dream I am wandering through what I think was Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Suddenly, I saw my dog attacking my brother's face. I screamed! My dad took him away and I knew he was gone. My dad was taking him to Willie Wonka (no joke) and I knew I'd never see him again. I wake up. Here's the weird part...Thanksgiving night, my dog attacked my cousin. I had this dream I think like two days prior or even earlier. It really hurt me to know that I knew something was going to happen.

Another future telling dream...

I had a huge crush on someone on Nashville Star AND she worked with my dad. When she was the first one voted off, my heart skipped a beat. I had a dream one night that I was discussing the show with my friend and she said, "Oh, they're bringing Anne back on!" I woke up thinking it was WAY too good to be true. Last episode, every contestant is on the stage and Anne was shown so many times. It was amazing!

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Re: Dogbite Becoming Reality

Precognative dreams are not the norm, but they do happen. Whether it be simply pure co-incidence or an ability to see future events, dreams can be a tool to some to see. But I wouldn't bet my house that tonight's dream will tell you what will happen tomorrow. Unless you are another Edgar Cayce those abilities are once in a lifetime event. And old Edgar passed away many years ago.

As for the Nashville star. Being a native Nashvillian my dream would be LeAnne as the star. As in Rhymes.


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