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please help

My husband and I were standing in the parking lot where I work. It was pitch black outside and there was snow on the ground. My husband was cleaning out my car, even though i told him it didn't need it. I heard a crash. I turn to see that someone in a big truck was quickly trying to leave the parking lot. I looked at my husband and told him to look at that guy, he just hit that car and he's gonna keep on going! I asked my husband whose car it was that was just hit. He replied with no concern and said that he thought that it was his. I yelled at him. I told him not to just stand there, someone had just hit his car. My husband turned to head towards me and his car, and someone flew in the parking lot in the delivery truck, running over him!!

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Re: please help

Often dreams of someone your age has more to do with personal waking experiences than they do the deeper issues of an older adult. Looking at your dream I get the impression your dream is dealing with such an experience, probably to do with your husband {asuming that you are married}. If this is the case I suggest you look at these parts of the dream and compare them to recent experiences:

1. My husband was cleaning out my car. In dreams the car could be a metaphor for you, you are the care. Cleaning the car would be ridding yourself of something. Was there an instance where you needed to come clean about something concerning your husband?

2. I heard a crash, and he just hit that car and he's gonna keep on going!
The crash may be a conflict. Hitting the car would be something that hits you, not necessary physically but again metaphorically {as in, seeing the truth it hit like a ball of lightening}.
Is there a conflict of some kind with your husband? Perhaps something he doesn't seem to think is important but you do. Something that you have to impress upon him to see the importance.

Look at these possibilities and se if there are comparative experiences in your waking life.

Another possibility is the dream is speaking to your own masculine qualities. Your husband would be your Animus, your inner masculine qualities. If this is the case then the dream may be a conflict between your masculine self and the feminine aspects. The whole dream would be addressing this inner conflict between the masculine and feminine. Since this would be an inner crisis understanding the inner qualities is most important. Read the link above and see if there are conflicts within yourself that may be the stimulus for the dream.

A third possibility, and a real one, is a combination of the two above. Your husband may be exerting some type of pressure upon you that produces inner conflict within yourself, pitting your masculine qualities against the feminine. Your masculine self may be as supportive or strong as it should be in certain instances in your waking life. Your dominant feminine self wants your masculine self to be stronger or more supportive. It could even have to do with something your husbnad says or does that makes you feel you can not measure up {your inner masculine qualities} to his demands.

Look at the possibilities I have provided and see if they fit. Let me know your thoughst and perhaps we can determine what the dream message is.


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