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Hi guys

I could do with some help on this one. I woke straight up after dreaming it - the last part was very clear.
About five days ago I got back from the US where I was doing a yoga teacher training. My dreams have been vivid since then. This is one that followed soon after arriving back in Australia.
I have included the whole dream but it is the third part that really interests me.
Since then I have had some striking dreams and I may post those.
Many thanks

1. I was living in a 'natural' environment, one based on nature.
I was making or compiling something like a yearbook (although it was a drawing all on one page) to commemorate, and respect and remember things that had happened that year. It was all on one page and I was trying to add '..... 2005' so that people would know when these things happened.
Myself and another man were pulling out bushfires. We were told a woman would be joining us to learn how we put out bushfires. My colleague was driving the vehicle we usually used and I was in the woman's vehicle. She stayed in her vehicle and watched as we did what we had to do. I realised I was making her car dirty as I got in and out as my boots were muddy. I was saying I should keep out of her car but she was saying it was ok.
We went to a cafe to eat, and the waitress took the book - she was horrified. I looked at it and it was a close up line drawing (yet to have the colours added) of intercourse, drawn close up from behind. I hadn't seen it before. The waitress returned to take our orders and I tried to behave more respectfully.

2. In a home known to me - I awoke because I heard the sounds of footsteps on gravel outside the window as someone was walking around the house. I got up (awoke properly) and confirmed that there was indeed someone walking around the house - I saw the silohette as the person passed a curtained window. I opened an upstairs window and saw it was a woman, with a dog and young child walking through my place. She was just strolling through, like taking a short-cut. I called down and challenged her. I was wanting to argue with her, yet what she was doing was very reasonable and her intentions were just to pass through. (But I did not know her). I was being righteous - 'you can't, shouldn't just wander through ...', however deep down I knew I was being exclusivist / separationist.
I felt she should be leaving, however she came closer. Someone else form inside the house came tot he door and invited the lady in - I didn't stop her; I felt I had been hard headed. She had a nice open nature. The child and dog did not come in to the house.

3. I left and went outside because I knew I was getting annoyed and knew it was unreasonable. I crossed a road and thought I was going into a field, but it turned out to be a field of cars. I could hear some sound and followed it into a large hanger-like building also filled with cars. A man was talking, instructing, teaching to the cars (a bit like rows of people but immobile). He was talking about music, vibrations, waves, harmonics - how with 'one' there is no harmonic, yet with 2, 3 and more there are nodes in the overlapping waves of sound. I related these to the chakras. Even though there was no one there to listen to him, he said he didn't mind - even though he was well known. He enjoyed talking about what he loved, what he was good at. He wore (intentionally) unfashionable glasses.
We made arrangements for him to teach me and he said, 'let me give you your first plectrum to start you off' - it was made from a US bank note made of plastic. I had never been given anything like that.
Then he told me he was going to Oakland in six weeks. I asked oakland California and he said yes. So I said somewhere between seriously and jokingly that he had just started me off and then he was leaving .....

Thanks JC

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: Oakland

Hi Justin,
Some thoughts regarding the third section although as you know the thoughts may be relevant or not…

Leaving & going outside literally describing leaving your former life going outside the societal life to the higher path, the bliss?
Crossed the road may be taking the leap, making the decision & follow through, with the field being yoga instruction. Is this the connected ness to the higher self, living the real authentic life?

Could the hanger also be described as garage or warehouse? Did the instruction at first feel to be inflexible or a warehousing situation; possibly relating to immobility of the beginning students you will instruct; expecting a higher path which at first was not apparent but later seeing that it is through your own inner self that materializes the higher path?

The field of cars: different methodologies of yoga and or different spiritualities or religions that incorporate yoga; a holistic yoga discipline that encompasses seemingly unrelated aspects of the human experience in spirituality, psychology, sciences, astrology that together, like music, has many parts that intersect/interconnect to form completeness, wholeness.

Depicting separation from the external social, “no one there to listen to him”, those that are immersed in the inauthentic life of the Wasteland, will not matter as the path of inner wholeness, confirmation that doing what you love & are good at is the real authentic life you were meant to live. Intentionally wearing unfashionable glasses could be both a different focus and that focus or view is not the one of society at large.

Reference to financial tool in hand? A plectrum is a tool (had to look that up!) held in a players hand used with the instrument to produce ‘music’, in conjunction, the two are used together. Also, maybe receiving fees for instruction. Is instructing and receiving payment a new experience for you?

Oakland CA…a harsh sociological & economic climate for the people there. Perhaps indicates to include working with some economically disadvantaged to fulfill the altruistic aspect of your inner self. On the east side of the bay with San Francisco on the west side so could reference an eastern methodology rather than western. Leaving may indicate to find your own discoveries through further research and examination?

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: Oakland

Thank you very much Kathy ,,, your perspective is really worthwhile and there are many resonances.
I had 'forgotten' / 'overlooked' the fact that the characters in our dreams are parts of ourselves and I was looking outside for the teacher when I could just as easily have been lookinng inside (of course!).
Your reply is another affirmation of the value of this site and the value of discussion and other prespectives - we are after all social creatures.

Indeed I am a very good teacher in my profession already (acknowledged by my students, but not the establishment) and have never done so for the money or the prestige. I had not clicked to the subtlety of making money from teaching - and in both medicine and yoga I see the points of intersection of many realms of knowledge... I feel that what I do is art - ie: it comes from some place deeper.
One of the main things holding me back from taking on yoga teaching full-time is the $ - and maybe this dream addresses this - telling me I can make money / a living this way. And perhaps more so that I could do well.

Thanks for the info about Oakland ,,,
And the reference in the dream to a timeframe of 6 weeks intrigues me ,,, any thoughts?

thanks again Kathy

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} M

Re: Oakland

Hi Justin,
A thought regarding 6 weeks:

1. It is said six weeks is required to effect any type of permanent change; one must engage in a behaviour or activity for six weeks before it's assimilated into unconscious and becomes a part of personal nature. When looked at in context of the entire dream this may reference incorporating those other aspects (that part of you that would welcome the higher feminine and inner child rather than viewing as intruding) as functional parts of your inner self in support of this endeavor.

2. Have you traveled to Oakland CA? or San Fran? San Francisco, my favourite city!, is most beautiful. Much history and artistic expression there, beautiful architecture & striking landscape, freedom of individual expression. Perhaps look online at events in Oakland & San Fran for six weeks from the date of your dream. Perhaps there is a class or seminar coming up. (Fastest way into San Fran from Oakland is to cross a large bridge across the bay...)

There is something else but not clear yet. Must dash to work & will think about this more later.

And yes, we are social creatures although as an introvert this is just breaking into awareness for me. This site and forum is a wonderful avenue for learning, exchange and support.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: Re: Oakland

Hi Kathy

Once again many thanks, what you say clicks with me.

Your reference to the inner child and feminine ,,,, yes these are the inner changes I feel occuring, especially toward the feminine. And I have quiet time (quite alone too) over the next few weeks to embed this stuff without too much outside influence (that has always influenced me due to poor self esteem issues ,,, haven't we all I guess, another thread that links us).

I transited thru SF en route back to Australia ,, had a fantastic catch up with a friend there - a significant other a while back.
I must say, for the first time I felt at home in the US ,,, so I am keeping my radar turned on.
I shall also look for events in the SF / Bay area ,,,, ah I can feel my heart racing already

Thank you for your ongoing inputs - it really helps as I had been stuck with this

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} M

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