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This dream starts with me looking into my hands where I am holding a bunch of loose garnets. This was my grandmothers birthstone and the stone in the ring I own of hers. She passed 9 years to the day of this dream
i was in a museum of my decesed grandmother's things. Her belongings were laid out behind glass. I can remember seeing some jewlery and a dress of hers. I know my aunts are there although i dont see them and I am walking through this place with my mother. I looking at some of her things when my mother says "look, there it is again" there was a floating eye behind the glass, it was surrounded by something like a fluid filled egg shaped sac and which ever way the eye looked the eye would float. We both knew it to be the ghost of my grandma. My mother told me to get the psychic and we began running down some stairs to a basement. Half way down I closed my eyes and I heard the eye call out "mommy" I continued running to get the psychic lady who was laying in a cot. I told her my mother wanted her to get her camera the eye is back. I was afraid of the basement and so i ran in front of her up the stairs. The Pychic said "your mother is going to be mad if its just henery and john playing jokes" These I knew to be her spirits. At the top of the stairs stood my grandmother with poofy hair and evil in her eyes, holding my mother by the hair in the right hand and a knife in her left. She had killed my mother by cutting her throat. I was trying my hardest to go down the stairs but the psychic was in the way. I seen the flash of her camera and then i heard the phychic say "when i took the picture her hair dissapeared." I knew this ment my grandmothers hair. I remember wishing she would take more pictures to make all of her dissapear, and the I woke up. I want to add that I also own a lock of her hair.

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something still haunting you,

i could'nt help but feel that unresolved issues are involved,things that you hav'nt yet come to terms with,hence the theme of taking a photo,ie getting the picture.
the floating eye,interesting symbol,this could relate to your beliefs,(the all seeing eye )
do you feel that something still has influence on you or your life.are you intimidated by this?
if this dream is relating to your past relationship with your grandmother,i would look at this and also include your mother as she was also present,

grandmothers,have two possibilitis,one that they are personal,and also a more collective archetypal meaning,generally ,one of wisdom relating to experience ,the wise old woman,usually when this type of energy turns against us,we are doing something that is detrimental to our psychological wellbeing.
if most symbols in dreams are aspects of ourselves,then the grandmother could be an extension,a projection of you into the future,it might be interesting to approach from this angle.
if you imagine being the character in your dream,what are you doing,and which other aspect of yourself are you doing it to,if not in your conscious life.
just a few thoughts,hope it opens something up for you.
regards steve

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Where were you when your grandmother died?, if you were not present, it could be that you need to say good by to all the things you have inherited from your grandmother, and mother and find your truth "self", we need to be our own mother and father, some persons do a ritual, you better do it alone, once every week, tell her thanks for all the good things she gave you and thanks also for the things she couldn't give you and you have to say that now you want to be yourself, you want to find your own way in life, you can grab some clothe that belonged to her, then while you are saying the last part put it in some place until next time, you can use your creativity to do your own ritual, you can say all things you need to say, it takes a while to start feeling the healing, but be persistent.


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