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close to me and the third person

Hi everyone, hi Gerard

It's been a while since I posted my dreams, my computer wasn't functioning.

I hope you can help me with this interpretation of a dream I had last nite.

I was in a new house with my boyfriend, a house we were to live together. In waking life we don't live together, but have been together for more than 3 years.
In the house there's another girl, young as me, and she seems to be my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.
In waking life his ex was much older.
Anyway she says she's going to buy Christmas presents for my boyfriend's parents, and I am angry at this, and jealous as I think she's trying to get closer to my boyfriend. She also says I and my boyfriend won't have sex in the house, while she stays there too.

In my waking life I am intimate with my boyfriend, yet sometimes feel still uncomfortable or inexperienced to talk about sex, and how I feel about it. I would like to get a bit more out of this intimacy, and I feel wrong for feeling this way.
Is this other girl the other side of me which is getting in the way between this intimacy with my boyfriend. What is this part of me? And what is she stopping?

Thank you

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Re: close to me and the third person

I believe you have much of the dream figured out. The other girl is a part of you and it may very well be getting in the way of your intimacy. The younger girl would represent less experience {his ex-girlfriend was older and thus seemingly more experienced} and there may be that fear your inexperience is getting in the way of a good intimate relationship. You may feel a need to get closer to your boyfriend intimacy wise. Or by other means such as waiting on him endlessly and spoiling him with too much attention.

The buying of Christmas presents for your boyfriends parents may represent buying off your boyfriends attention with other gifts {a substitute for your inexperience, you may want to use other ways to satisfy him}. You may be angry that you have to use such substitute devices. You want to get closer to your boyfriend, if not by experience then by other means {do you tend to wait on him, perhaps spoil him with attention?}. Not having sex is a substitute within yourself {the house} and you try to compensate with other means.

So, yes I believe you have gotten the dream message. What is your boyfriend's attitude toward your inexperience? Talking it over with him may be the best thing to do. You may be worrying over something that you should not be.


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Re: close to me and the third person

Hi Gerard,

thank you Gerard for you reply, you are right.
I am partly aware of what the dream meant, and I thought perhaps I could find some clue.
I haven't had a serious relationship, apart from my current one now. I am happy but yes because of my inexperience I feel impatient, or always waiting for him, for his attention, and for the intimacy with him.
I need to find a way to be more patient within myself, and not always expect something.
thank you


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 Australia Melbourne

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