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I recently had a dream that all my friends and family were at some sort of gathering, but i wasnt there...i told my mom because it kind of scared me. Also, my friends mom had this dream that she was in a car, and my friend was in another one, and that one got hit and she was killed. And the mom kept reaching but couldnt reach her daughter. WHat do these dreams mean?

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Re: gathering

Hi D
It is probably best to keep things to your own dream - this is because the meaning of dreams is often about what is happening in that persons life and we can't really know all that is going on for someones else. So the message of the dream is really meant for the dreamer.

The gathering is a gathering of all the various bits of you that make up 'you' - we all have different parts of ourselves. As we get older (if we look into ourselves and want to learn) we get to know the parts of ourselves.
Sometimes, especially as we are 'getting it all together' we can feel lost ,,,'you' weren't there.
However you were there really because you observed the gathering - this is the you behind the you that the world sees ,,, as humans we can sense this is so but it is rarely written about or talked about (except by great and wise folk).
Take heart JC

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