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my ex is in bed with me

in my dream i am sleeping then i wake up to my ex (only a week brokenup) shaking me and telling me i am her side of the bed i then wake up (really) and i am on her side of the bed it feels so real we broke up by her choice and it was really sudden. please help

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Re: my ex is in bed with me

Hi Sarah,
I’m deeply saddened for you. The end of a relationship is difficult possibly more so for the partner who is left confused and wondering what went wrong.

The following is a possible interpretation although it may or may not be close. An interpretation must always fit with the dreamer, not the interpreter so please feel free to respond with your thoughts.

Being asleep may represent denial or not accepting the breakup. ‘Wake up to’ could be the inner acceptance/understanding, acknowledgment of the ending of this relationship and it’s affect on your inner being, shaking being the agitating emotions, perhaps distraught and shock, you’re still experiencing from the break up. Perhaps your ex waking you because you’re on her side of the bed is a metaphor for her feeling crowded, control issues or that she felt there was no room for her in the relationship. This could even be symbolic of putting yourself in her place, so to speak. Not that these occurred but that they are possibly her feelings in the situation which your unconscious is communicating to you as you seek understanding of the event. I think in this type of situation it’s natural to ask why. Perhaps in asking why your unconscious is revealing to you it’s perception of the situation. Possibly think about what being on her side of the bed means to you then maybe you’ll see the personal meaning.

Many thanks,

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