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me, a white wedding gown and black shoes

Ok I am 31 years old and I am married. My husband is great. But I always have dreams about me having affairs or marrying someone else. In my dream, I am wearing a beautiful white wedding gown and I am about to marry my ex boyfriend. He ended up telling me that he can't marry me because he's not ready. We worked things out and when I was getting ready to walk down the aisle I noticed I am waring the same gown but my shoes are black. I keep focusing on three thing in my dream one: the gown I was wearing was the one I married my husband in, two: why am I marrying this man after he told me he couldn't marry me and three: my shoes are black. And as I walked down the stairs I keep seeing my shoes and they are black. Anyone has a few opinions are interpretations on this? Because I am lost.

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Re: me, a white wedding gown and black shoes

Hi Tracy,

Descending stairs could be symbolic of decline, lack of progress, lowering your standards.

Focusing on the gown could indicate your true inner feelings about your marriage, it’s beautiful and pure. Or it could reflect a societal Ward & June Cleaver fantasy land version of marriage compared to real life which can be a lot of work and compromise by both parties and mindfulness of the two as one.

The black shoes, in contrast to a white dress, could symbolize opposites or things that don’t match.

From MDS definition of black:
In many parts of the world black is associated with death. It is possible, therefore, that this what the colour signifies in your dream. Bear in mind, however, that death in a dream may refer to something internal: the 'death' - or the giving up - of something within you (for example, some irrational fear, or other negative attitude or emotion).


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