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shooping, flat in a house, orange juice random

I am living in a flat which is situated where my boyfriend's upstairs living room in his house is. however,this flat is not at all like this room, and I am living there with my older brother. Every surface is covered in mess - shopping bags left unpacked, clothes not put away, plates with food on them etc. I keep coming into this room knwoing it is a differnt day - it seems every time i get in and put something down i am bought immediately back to the front door. Later i am talking to my boyfriend and he keeps being horrible to me then apologisiong. I offer to get him and his friends orange juice. I come upstiars and i serve everyone orange juice in tiny glasses - like a shot glass. I take one glass on a tray into his room, but where his bed is there is a bunk bed and on the bottom bunk is a little boy. I know him as my boyfriend's younger brother in the dream but he is actually the boy who lives down my road in reality. I get very upset when i give him the orange juice for no reason. Then i am in the town at a restaurant that does not exist. I say i have left my new beret (christmas present) at home and i start to walk. As i walk I am suddenly in a completely different part of the town, which frustrates me as i have further to walk now. I keep walking then come acros a supermarket which is like a mcdonalds drive through. I go up to the widow and take out a list and type everything i want onto an old fashioned computer. The lady behind the window turns the screen away from me to face her and asks what i want again. I look at the list as i can not remember any of the items i just typed. I cannot understand the words - they are made up but I know i should understand them. Then behind the window i see one of my friends who recently quit his job at tescos on one of the tills asking someon for the price of an item I cannot remember. I suddenly feel my arms aching and i fall to the floor because they are so heavy. I wake up and realise that i have fallen asleep with my arms under the pilow and they have gone numb.

Anything you can make of that woudl be useful, thank you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16

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Re: shooping, flat in a house, orange juice random

Hi Ali

Sounds like you are in the wars ,,, with yourself ,,, life feels messy inside as much as outside.
Do you feel that you have a lot more to give than you are currently giving?
(giving the juice out in tiny glasses).
You know what you want yet don't know what you want (have a list, can't see the screen). Deep down you do know (you know you should understand) ,,, and with some time you will.

Does this sound / feel right ?
let me / us know and perhaps the dream will make more sense
all the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: shooping, flat in a house, orange juice random

Thanks for the reply. To be honest I am quite stressed at the moment. I have exams whihc I am revising harder for than I have for any other exam and yet when I go back ot my notes i seem to have forgotten everythign. There is also the pressure of having to make choices now in my life that coudl affect future career options later on - it seems too much to ask a 16 what they want to do, so it's highly plausible that the knowing what i want but not being able to know it consciously yet could be true.

The dreams I have lately are also bothering me, almost every night I have a bad dream where either I am lost somewhere or I am being chased by someone/thing. Last night I was in a mystical woodland where I was climbing trees to ezcape the venus flytrap like plants which were trying to eat me. When i reached a house I walked into find that Father Christmas was aiming a shotgun at me - he was dressed in black glittery versions of the red clothes he is normally wearing. I ran away from him only to find a door to my left and a door to my right. I opened the right door and found an identical room with a door to the left and door to the right. So i go back to the left door and find the same scenario there. i am so frustrated i burst into tears and then wake up momentarily.
As I was still sleepy i dozed off,
and i remember dreaming that i was floating above myself and could see the way out of the maze of doors. I was shouting to the me below, who was in my old school uniform which i don't have to wear anymore. She didn't hear me though, and she continued crying and then I woke up properly.

Was I still dreaming when I thought i woke up? Or when i woke up did my subconscious make me go back to sleep to finish off the dream? Any more help woudl be appreciated - my dreams are so vivid sometimes i feel like I havent actually slept for more than a few hours.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

Re: shooping, flat in a house, orange juice random

Hi Ali,
Justin’s excellent insights including knowing what you want yet not knowing seem to, again, permeate this second dream. Perhaps the mystical woodland represents what your inner Self knows to do, the call of YOUR journey and what the adults in your life want you to do may be the venus flytraps. The doors being the conscious directions in life you’re considering however there are so many choices and directions you’re left feeling lost, stressed & frustrated as your conscious mind returns again & again to the myriad of options.

It’s not uncommon to resume a dream after waking then returning to sleep. I find it indicative of the importance of the unconscious message.

The you floating above could be your unconscious trying to communicate (shouting) you know the way to go (seeing the way out) so listen to your inner Self and perhaps focus on the whole picture rather than each individual choice. By doing this you may see where you want to end (you don’t need to wear the school uniform anymore) then you will know where to start & the individual choices needed now (the old school uniform) will support the end. In essence, work backwords. Define what you want on the whole then choose that which will get you there.

Regarding your dreams and lack of rest, you may have an “active mind”. Is your mind always buzzing with ideas, always thinking? Energetic, restless and always on the go? Do you find it difficult to relax and/or slow down, running on nervous energy? If so, while this isn’t all bad as many times you probably solve the day’s problems in your dreams, this constant motion of mind & body sometimes leads to scattering of energies and an inability to focus. Meditation is a great tool in helping an active mind person gain clarity and focus. Perhaps start with a guided meditation audio tape. And if you do try this, be patient as it takes time & practice to “turn off” the constant stream of thought.

Kind regards,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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