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Need Help!


I am seeking help on a particular dream a friend of mind has been having for over a year.

She is currently up north and she has this dream every time she goes up there to spend time with her father, step-mom and other siblings.

Her dream is of finding a baby, a baby which gender changes from time to time and is wrapped in a blanket. She usually finds the baby beneath a car, against the curb. However last night she dreamt of finding the baby in a garbage can, after hearing a whine outside that grew to irritate her and made her investigate.

In her dreams she seems to grow attracted to the baby rather quickly, clothing the baby and taking care of it, not wanting to take the baby to the hospital right away, and if she does she wishes to ride with it.

Any opinions would be great of what this means.

Re: Need Help!


the theme seems to be one of abandonment,
and the fact that your friend has this dream each time she meets her family,up north,would suggest, that this meeting triggers something,
questions would need to be answered, as to the relationship of your friend with her family,especially her childhood.
if the baby is her,then that would answer a lot of questions,as to how she feels about her upbringing,does she feel abandoned?,
how does she feel about her step mom,what was the relationship like with her real mother?.

the other possibility is,the dream could be talking about her own need to nurture someone or something.
dreams tend to compensate what is missing,
if this is true in this case then it could be her own affection issues that are being highlighted,
this would no doubt stem from an assimilated experience from her own childhood .

experiences make us what we are,and sometimes we have no idea what it is thats driving us,
it would be better if your friend posted the dream along with her own associations and feedback,
but hope this is of some help.

regards steve

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