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sleeping with snakes

I dreamed this twice. The first night I slept in a bed with a person whom I could see the face. With that person a snake slept. A snake slept with me, like a stuffed animal, but I was still fearful of it. When I awoke in my dream, the snake was stiff. The next night I had the same dream, but when I woke up in the dream, the snake was not stiff, but still asleep. These seem significant and I can not forget them. Help me understand, or guide me to someone who can, please.

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Re: sleeping with snakes

Hi Staci,
An explanation of why your age & location are important in arriving at an accurate dream interpretation...

The age of the dreamer is relevent because we normally address different life stages along similar time lines, so the meaning of a dream can vary drastically. Dreams of a young person (establishing ego identity, gradual independence from the family unit) vs young adult (reinforcing the ego identity, raising a family) vs mid life (examining past life, approaching senior years & mortality).

To me location information is a hint to cultural significance of dream symbolism. The forum attracts dreamers from around the world. For example the snake in your dream - see the definition of Serpent in the MDS dream dictionary.

You are right in feeling these dreams are significant. By repeating a dream the psyche communicates the importance of the subject or issue that requires resolution.

Possilbe interpretation:
Perhaps your unconscious (sleeping) is showing a part of you (the person is you). The face may be the outer ego persona that you present to the outside world, the mask, while inside resides the true inner Self. What is sleeping inside you, what resides in the unconscious waiting to be awakened? The snake could represent sexuality as a phallic symbol, temptation, an aspect within that sneakily harms you, or a new stage of life affirming growth, intuition or wisdom. Appearing as a stuffed animal could refer to the source of a rigid or inflexible thought, belief or idea being in childhood and/or that in reality it is benign however because of certain perceptions or learned modes of thought you are fearful of it. Is your conscious ego perception in some way rigid, inflexible in thoughts, beliefs or or ideas or are you in some way fearful of your own sexuality or sex in general terms (the snake was stiff)?

In the second dream perhaps it is showing while the issue is still in the unconscious and remains to be discovered and addressed (still sleeping). In some way you are relaxing or opening up to other possibilities as this rigid and inflexible 'snake'is relaxing (not stiff) and possibly describes your willingness to examine and begin to work on the underlying cause in order to release it and the fear that accompanies it.

Does any part of this feel to hit a chord? Your response can shed light on the meaning of the symbols and perhaps we can look further. Of course, this interpretation could be inaccurate so please remember you are the one who can determine if this is a good fit or not.

Kind regards,

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