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Blood Disease and Missing Pants

Reality: I was in a play (The Nutcracker) just a few weeks ago. It was stressful, but at the same time, it was fun!

Dream: It was time for a performance! So I pulled out my tuxedo bag and started to dress. I noticed that my pants were not in the bag, instead there was a pair of green shorts. I said, "A rich apprentice isn't going to wear shorts." So I put them on anyway. I also couldn't find my dress socks. So, while frantically searching, I missed my cue on the stage. I apologized to my director and she said something like, "Okay, but not funnies out there from you. Everyone else is allowed one."

Next thing I knew the cast from my scene was standing in my kitchen. One character was talking to another (Sir Zimmerman to Mr. Krone). Sir. Z said, "I've just got a blood disease, which is more diabetes in my head." He pulled his lip out to show Mr. K. whatever it was. Mr. K yelped and shuddered, I remember his mouth being paper white. Then he went and sat down on the couch with a torilla full of ranch. He bit into it and the ranch went all over him.

Then, I found my pants! But my socks were nowhere to be found.

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Re: Blood Disease and Missing Pants

Hi Stephen,
it is great that you are able to engage in pursuits such as this play ,,although I do not know about the Nutcracker.
I think you will be able to see that dream uses symbols to represent other things and so I shall look at some of the possible symbols - if you think about the dream with these things in mind ,,,, what comes up for you ?
Let me know and we might be able to work more on the meaning of the dream for you.
This is a big dream, it seems full of symbols that arise from a very creative mind ,, so you input and your effort are the real keys.

It is interesting to me that you described the play as "Stressful but at the same time fun" ,,,, this is a great and very useful quality that you have - recognise it, honour it and surf on it!

* performance ,,, life as a performance
* putting on costumes ,,, the roles we play in life ,,, some we have to play and others we choose to play
* tuxededo bag
* long pants / short pants ,,, this may refer to growing up ,,, boys wear short pants, men wear long pants
* 'a rich apprentice' ,,, one way to look at life is as an apprenticeship ,,, we learn on the job. A rich apprentice ,,, may express your own worth. You are putting away the things of boyhood.
* shoes may represent the path we have in life, and socks are the buffer we use to make wearing shoes more comfortable ,, maybe there are some things that you are looking for that you feel would make your path in life more comfortable
* 'missed my cue on stage' ,,, do you feel that things are slipping past you, that you are missing opportunities in life?
* The director ,,, the one who runs the show ,,, you still have the go ahead ,, one interpretation would be 'do you feel that others are cut some slack and yet you have to play by the rules?' another interpretation, depending on your character (if you are abit of a joker normally) - 'you need to be serious about this" ,,,, think on this ,,, instructions from the Director ,,, are they 'good' instructions for you ,,, or not.

this is getting long and I need to go - have a think and get back ,,, I can look at the next section then ,,, perhaps have a look at the dream dictionary too.


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Re: Blood Disease and Missing Pants

It's weird, I think my inner self is trying to connect with my inner child. Like the shorts/pants thing. And last night I had a dream that was biazzare and actually finished itself without me waking up first. I'll post that one later.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16 West Virgina

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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