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Hi Everyone,

This dream was very sci-fi, and I've never had anything like it before. Also, not a lot happened in this dream. Most of it was my impression of what was going on in the background.

Me and a group of other people are in some kind of "alien" created superficial place, perhaps another planet. I think we are all scientists.
We know these things:
1. There is no way out of this place.
2. We are going to die in this place.
3. We are being watched by these alien beings.

We are walking around inside a building, looking for the "key" or explanation for why or how we got there. Going down a hallway, I find some kind of portal camouflaged into the wall. I poke my finger through the portal and it ripples. (like water)

I know the portal will take me to a different place, but I have no idea where, or if it will kill me. I'm the only one who notices the portal, and I don't show it to anyone else. We keep going.

Finally, we get to an open room and know that we have searched the entire building and still haven't found anything. At the back of the room are 3 doors. We all know that what we are looking for is inside, and that the 3 doors lead to the same room. We all go inside. It is a large bathroom, and there are many boxes stacked on a shelf above the sinks/mirrors.

We open the boxes and there are all filled with a solid brick-shaped chemical compound. (I remember seeing the word calcium, along with other words.)

At this point, we know:
1. This chemical is the "key" that we are looking for and it has something to do with the existence of the alien place.
2. This chemical is going to kill us.

There is some kind of wand attached to the chemical.
Methodically, we all rub this wand aginst the chemcial brick. Then we all begin to start writhing and eventually die.

I get a visual of the aliens looking at us, like this was their plan. But I get the imnpression that they felt differently towards me (perhaps they wanted to make an exception and not let me die?) b/c I was the only one who found the portal. The end.

My thoughts: I'm guessing that this dream has to do more with my inner exploration. (Aliens are an unknown part of myself, scientists are seekers of knowledge, the portal is my sub-conscious)
But I can't connect the part with the bathroom and the chemical and just tying it all together. Thanks!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 (27 in a few days), Texas

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Re: Aliens

I know you are a regular to MDS and can see that you have a knowledge of the symbols and inner journey, so I shall go in at the deep end so to speak. I would appreciate your reply and thoughts.

The way to convey the meaning of your dream depends on your background beliefs and cultures ,,, I shall give it a go and ask you to make the necessary adjustments to fit your view of the psyche.

you view of the world, or perhaps the way you live as 'alien' to you ,,or perhaps commentary in a larger sense ,,, that how we are living now is alien to our true nature
* life as an experiment - one in which we learn
* 1. 2. 3. ,,, perhaps these are the truth of our existence

* you are looking of the key ,,, that which can open up the inner spaces of yourself
* a part of you knows how to go deeper ,, to access the inner spaces, but you keep this from other parts of you
* 3 doors ,,, the trinity ,,, the way home ,,, all doors lead to the same place
* bathroom ,,, a place to become clean
* boxes ,,, your baggage, stuff hidden away; and the mirrors ,,, introspection
you open the boxes
* calcium ??? a contistuent of the earth, rocks; on the whole it is insoluble salt
* what is inside the boxes is the key ,,, that which you have hidden away inside you is what you need ,, the answer is inside you; it may answer the question - knowing this things are known ,,, and the alien would not be alien
* knowing this a part of you will die (like the cruxifiction if you are Christian - symbolically speaking).

methodically we rub the wand ,,,, all the main spiritual paths have ritual, or a methods of accessing the inner knowledge,,, ??
Interesting the wand ,,, a stick, a staff, like a snake used to divide the seas by Moses (?); also a masculine reference ,,, I wonder if the chemicals are feminine. Is there an aspect of alchemy here I wonder ,,,?

There are diffent parts of you ,,, in some Eastern explanations, there is 'the one who sees', this aspect (? the Divine) of ourselves is that which is behind all and sees all and is part of all. ,,,
I guess there is always lots more, and many other perspectives ,,,,,

I would value your feedback and thoughts
All the best - Happy Birthday

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: Aliens

Hi Justin,

A lot of what you said makes sense to me. Originally I was thinking of the dream having more of a specific meaning, rather than a larger "life as a whole" meaning.

Everything you said does fit into my views on our existence. (For the most part, my beliefs would fit into the Eastern category.) For ex, our current life is in a "false" reality, for the purpose of learning, and that our physical bodies will eventually die. And that in order to truly devote yourself to you higher conciousness, you must be prepared to sacrifice other parts of yourself.

It all makes sense! Although, the chemical/wand part still puzzles me a bit. The wand looked like somthing a magician would use over a hat, not a staff or anything grand.

I just finished the book "A Million Little Pieces" which is a true story about a guy who became a drug addict/alcoholic at a very young age. The thought crossed my mind that the "chemical brick" could have just been part of the story I was reading that came into my dream.

Thanks for your help and for the birthday wish!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 (27 in T-2 days), Texas

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Re: Re: Aliens

Hi Michelle

Another thought,,, the magical wand - alchemy ,,,if you are not familiar with it maybe look it up ,,,
And the portal in the wall is a striking symbol of the feminine.
Very pressed at teh moment as I am moving house, and state ,, ugh

All the best, and thank you for your reply. It takes some time to look at some of these dreams and by replying we get feedback, learn and it makes the input worthwhile, thanks

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47

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