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confusion...long lost cousin

My dream begins with me being in my aptment. It is a small one room apt with a kitchen and then a door to a bathroom. The inside of it is represented truthfully, but for some reason it is several stories up and has a deck and stairs leading up to the deck and door. Anyways I am inside and somehow my father is there. He is asking me how things are going and I am trying to respond but am non coherent. I can barely walk strait and feel really hot. I look for a thermomater to take my temp, but cannot find one. My father is telling me that he must drive to philidelphia and he wants to leave now. He wants to visit his sister, who actually lives on the west coast, along with him. even odder is that we are in prague, czech republic where my apt is. I tell him to wait for a few minutes to leave and am still trying to find something to take my temp. I am able to weakly ask him if I feel hot. He says yes lets go. At this point i feel really ill, weak hot and sweaty. He wants to take me to the doctor. I think that it is late at night and we won;t get to see one, but as I am leaving with him it becomes earlier in the day. My younger brother somehow appears in the dream and is going to stay at my apartment while we are gone. I am talking to my dad as we leave, he wants to call my mother in the states, but cannot from his cell phone as we are in Prague and she is on the west coast USA. I tell him that I get frusterated because him and mom can call me anytime from there, but I don;t have any phone service that allows me to call them, so I can only talk to them when they happen to be on the internet. As we are walking I see a few girls my age. we are walking through grass and all of a sudden I cannot control my movements I stumble to the right and end up looking inside a doorway into a college doormitory. for some reason I can see into peoples rooms and I notice every room is a female room. I walk into the doormitory and there are open doors, some of them have girls just doing everyday stuff like studying, some of them are changing etc. I continue to walkfeeling like I am lost and need to find a doorway out. I turn a corner and this guy with only a towel around him comes out and says hi james. I don;t have any idea who it is and ask who are you. They say mike and disappear around a corner. at this point my dad departs from me and I say I will catch up later. I run to catch up with mike and slip on a wet floor of what reminds me of a gym shower/locker room. I see naked women and half naked men as I slid to a stop at a bench. I look up and its mike. I sit next to him and ask how I know him. He replies I am your cousin. uncle marshalls child. He must be 25 or a little older. I really do have an uncle marshall, but he is my grandmothers brother and he lives on the east coast and I never met him or any of that side of the family. Anyways he tells me that he had to go to court because he got caught with absinth, an alcohol with worm wood, a hallucinagenic, in it. Turns out he is a drug dealer of some sort, and his father is to. I feel like my father may be, and therefore I am... in reality my father anti drug. anyways My father and I start to leave the building, we go to the elevator and it opens. there is a bomb in it and we run for cover. it exploades killing my cousin mike ( who I don't think even exists in real life) we run to get out of the building, runing down flights of stairs, when we get out i can see my cousins body on the grass..... thats all lI can remember! whats it about?

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Re: confusion...long lost cousin

Hi James,
A good way to examine a dream is to view all the characters as you. Your father, cousin Mike, etc. The unconsious takes qualities and characteristics of other people to show us about ourselves. That cousin Mike is ficticious is ok, still look at what is denoted in the dream about his personality.

A quick look at this dream:
Phones & not coherent could indicate communication issues. Do you have trouble communicating your real thoughts and feelings to others and could this be a source of conflict? Your father in the dream could represent an internal authority figure. Doctor's diagnose & treat conditions that make us ill.

Courts render judgements, "exact justice" (depending on a person's definition of justice) and met out punishments. What judgements have you made recently in regard to your self or others? And are these judgements really valid?

These should be good places to start examining the dream.


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