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RE: Adulterous father

Gerard, I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to reply sooner. I have been out of access to the internet. To answer your questions about my father...and myself... first of all my father is indeed an elementary principal. I did believe at one point he was having an affair, and I thought it may be with this woman he worked with, she was probably 40 though, not 15. My father... He loved his kids in the best way he could. By providing for us. He worked hard and saved hard so he could raise us in a nice house, and pay for our college out of pocket. (I am the 2nd of three sons) So as anyone that has been to college or paid for it knows... he worked hard to provide such a wonderful thing for us....However in terms of being around for us... I didn't see much of him. He was working and when he wasn't working not much time was spent with me, or us... You asked if the age 15 meant anything to me personally. It was the age at which I experienced the biggest change in my life really. It is the year, actually I found out on my 15th birthday that I would be moving from the town I grew up in all my life till then, to the czech republic. I was pretty devestated about it. I didn't want to leave my friends behind. It was very difficult for me to adjust to living overseas. I went through a really difficult time, but after about six months of living there I grew to love it. In fact my family has gone back to the states, and I am left here studying in university... though I question my choice to live so far from my family... You asked about my relationship habbits. I seek a monogomous relationship but have not been in a relationship for about 3 years. I have sought to be in one, but end up with just a great female friend. Which causes distress and anger...I guess you could say I feel like my relationships are never completely fulfilled, I feel, because they friend status is never passed. I think that is all I can answer that you have asked, thanks for the time you took to read and respond to my dream.



Dec 21st, 2005 - 6:58 AM Re: Adulterous father

Unless there are actual waking experiences that have to do with your father that will explain this dream, I would believe the dream is addressing your own inner aspects, with your father representing a 'conscience' figure. These would involve moral opinions which are inherent within you and possibly related to your father's attitudes. In your dream the actions of your father symbolize possible qualities within you, or fears of the conscience involving moral decisions.

The unconscious dream is often a learning tool. You begin to realize and understand aspects about yourself that may not be consciously realized. The school in this dream, although pictured as your father's school, represents contents within your psyche that you are just now beginning to realize {elemntary being new to you}. The affair may represent a need on your part for attention, possibly from your father. Often when such attention is not given to you as a youth, a person will substitute such inattention with acts of seeking attention through addictions. Sex is one of those. Thus the affair in the dream, which id with a 15 year old is immoral. But the dream is not addressing your real father having an affair but inner aspects of your own self. The young girl may represent your feminine aspects. If there was not enough love and attention provided you by your father when you were a child {does the age 15 mean anything to you personally?} then perhaps this is part of the theme of the dream. Your inner feminine self {one that requires nurturing and acceptance} could very well be the stimulus for this symbol. This wounded aspect may seek atttention in your present life by using additive behavior as a substitute for that inattention from your earlier years.

In the dream you are angry at your father and start to beat him. Here the father is you and you areangry at yourself. This mat be from actions, consciously or unconsciously motivated, where you are angry because of your actions. Since it doesn't hurt him {you} then it may be it is unconsciously motivated. You are unconsciously displaying actions in your waking life to make up for what you lost from childhood in your relationship with your father.

If there are actual experiences where your father had some type of an affair then the dream message would be about that. I can not comment on that since it is personal and I do not have enough information about it. If he has had such affairs in the past then you too may be prone to follow suite, thus questiong your own moral grounds {perhaps unconsciously and not so much consciously}. You are acting out those inherent traits of experience {I can personally related to this from my own experiences with my father}.

Look at your waking life and see if there are such impluses and emotions. Was your father a loving, accepting type or was he distant and uncaring? Do you seek monogomus relationships or do you go from one relationship to another never completely being fulfilled from them? Do you feel anger within and are not sure what the anger is about? Ponder these questions and let me know your thoughts. Perhaps we can gain more insights to the dream from your response.


Adulterous father

So in my dream I am told that my father was having an affair with someone that worked at the school he used to. He is a principle of an elementary school... anyways in the dream I find this out and it is rather upsetting to me, but then I find out that he slept with a 15 year old girl. This infuriates me and I am absolutly devestated... I see my father and I yell at him and I start beating him. Hitting him repeatedly, but it doesn't hurt him at all. What is up with this?

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Re: RE: Adulterous father

I can see in your reply the anger that is displayed in your dream, especially toward your father. As for feeling like your relationships are never completely fulfilled. This may be from the experiences in earlier life, an attitude from feeling left alone and not having the fulfilling relationships with family as you wish you could have. If this is indeed the case it may reflect upon your attitude towards future relationships and get in the way of havin g a successful relationship. Examine this part and determine if this to be true. It may be an obstacle you will need to overcome, a symbolic dragon that dreams often produce in your sleep.


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