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Hey gang. Thanks for all the help while I took my hiatus for the holidays. I want to say how proud I am to be associated with so many great people at the Dream Forum, those of you who are contributors, willing to share your thoughts, knowledge, time and insights with others, total strangers, helping them find answers. I get a lot of e-mails complimenting the thoughtfulness and caring attitudes. Believe me, there are a lot of AH! HA! moments because of the valuable advice given here. Thanks for the help.

I hope all with continue to offer your insights throughout the year.

To start off the new year I want to again focus our attention on Joseph Campbell. As deep and difficult as Jung can be, it is Campbell ‘s articulation of Jungian thought that provides a clear understanding of Jungian philosophy. For those who have not read, or recently re-read Campbell’s interview with Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS broadcast ‘The Power of Myth’, I want to guide you back to this most insightful program. I will begin with Myth and Dreams. To refresh your memory here is an excerpt from that page:

Bill Moyers: You talk about mythology existing here and now in dreamtime. What is dreamtime?

Joseph Campbell: This is the time you get into when you go to sleep and have a dream that talks about permanent conditions within your own psyche as they relate to the temporal conditions of your life right now.

Bill Moyers: Explain that.

Joseph Campbell: For example, you may be worried about whether you are going to pass an exam. Then you have a dream of some kind of failure, and you find that failure will be associated with many other failures in your life. They are all piled up together there. Freud says even the most fully expounded dream is not really fully expounded. The dream is an exhaustible source of spiritual information about yourself.
Now the level of dream of "Will I pass the exam?" or "Should I marry this girl?" - that is purely personal. But, on another level, the problem of passing the exam is not simply a personal problem. Everyone has to pass a threshold of some kind. That is an archetypal thing. So there is a basic mythological theme there even though it is a personal dream. These two levels - the personal aspect and then the big general problem of which the person's problem is a local example - are found in all cultures. For example, everyone has the problem of facing death. This is a standard mystery.

Bill Moyers: What do we learn from our dreams?

Joseph Campbell: You learn about yourself.

If you are truly interested in understanding the relationship of dreams to the universal and personal pysche I suggest that The Power of Myth become a regular source of inspiration and knowledge in this quest. Whereas Jung provides a detailed sketch of dreams and the psyche, Campbell translates Jung's often difficult language into words that we all can understand. He is truly the master of the two worlds.

Hope all have a prosperous 2006,

Gerard {Jerry}

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