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forbidden love?

I find myself in a beautiful ballroom at a victorian style party. there is a orcistra and people dressed in old style dress clothes. As I step on the ballroom floor my gaze is instantly drawn form the elegance of the room and the other people to a woman infront of me wearing a glamourus red gress with a corsette back, her eyes were piercing green and from her fair complexion I realized it was my ex-girlfrind from a little over a year ago. (My bestfriend is her boyfriend, and I've dated other people since our breakup as well.) I asked her to dance and as we begin to waltz I lean in towards her ear to tell her something. She was wearing false eyelashes and she fluttered her eyes she cut my cheek slightly. I wisper to her that I love her and I had to tell her. We stop dancing and we ebrace she is crying and tells me that she loves me too. I am shocked by this as I didn't think that she felt the same way or if she did that she would admit to it. We promptly leave the party and outside we begin kissing passionatly at which point I woke up with a start with the feeling of taboo and disloyalty to my friend.

My dreams are not usually very memrable or organized unless they mean something like precognitive dreams. but I do not beleive this dream is precognative of anything.

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Re: forbidden love?

IThe dream is probably reflecting your true inner feelings about your past relationship with your ex. Often we have dreams of past relationships that have failed with the dream intending to help us understand why the relationship failed. Perhaps if we had something different the relationship would have turned out different. The dream feelings of your ex would be how it should have turned out instead of hwo it actually turned out. The last part of the dream may be important because it goes to deep moral questions; disloyalty to a friend. Not only does this suggest it would be a wrong thing to do {getting back with your ex and betraying yor friend} but probably reflects your true feelings about your ex. The relationship is over and you should move on, in respect to the ended relationship and in respect for your friend.


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