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car vandalised

Hello again
Another mysterious dream.

Last night I dreamt like I was driving at not such good area and parked my car.In meantime I see my sister looking at the mirror her eyes fiiled with tears but the colour of her eyes were blu not her own colour brown.she was taking off the necklace her husband gave to her in a shape of the heart and crying.I get her other jewlery that her husband gave her and I feel like throwing them in a bin, but I put them aside in a box.(she 's breaking up from her husband in waking life)
I come back to my car and I find it smashed by vandals. Its still working but they stole my number plates and somehow I end up with some made up number plates that reads the number 11611.I think I should never park in that area again.
I am trying to buy some pie and I have 5 euros and (as i am in my country of origin not UK were I live now) I bought them but I thought I should get more as it wont be enough for all my family and I like tham a lotbut i didnt have enough money and I felt a sense of rush to get home. It was getting late and in retrospective I see my late mum worrying about us at our family home.


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Re: car vandalised

The first part of your dream is probably addressing conflicts you feel about your sister's situation. But the dream is not just addressing her situation but your own fears or your own situation {sister looking at the mirror The reflection is of you}.

The second part. The car is you. The vandals probably represents some part of you. Stealing your license plates would be stealing your identity. The number you posted may have personal connotations. The area that you should not visit again may refer to emotions that you do not wish to experience again.

The last part may have to with family, your sister's situtaion in particular. There is probably not a lot you can do but like your mother you have emotions that you wish you can do more.

I believe all in all the dream is addressing your emotions having to do with your sister. It probably also is addressing past shared experiences with her and other members of your family. Was your family close? Do you feel at times you can not do enough to help in your sister's situation? Have you been in that same situation yourself or are afraid of being there? {this may be the shared experiences with your sister}.


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