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Sexual dreams about relatives

Just last night, I had a dream about my dad's side of the family. I dreamt that we were all in a car, and that we were going to the store. I was with my Uncle Rayce, to whom I am close to (He dated my Mom's sister). My Uncle Mike, My uncle Ray, and my Dad. My brother was with me too. We were at the store, and all of us were in the car. My brother couldn't fit so he sat in the trunk. When we pulled up to the store, he was yelling for someone to open the trunk becuase he was suffocating. I opened it up and he only had about a foot and a half of room. He got out and walked with us to the sidewalk attached to a grocery store and as we reached it, my UNCLE Rayce leaned down and kissed me. and I kissed him back.

Throughout the dream, I kept feeling as if I wanted to...have sexual intercourse with him.

I love my Uncle, But not that much. I have never had those feelings or anything even remotely close to those feelings in my waking life. Does this mean that unconciously, I want to have sex with my own UNCLE?

Please respond, somebody, It's very important that I know what this means!


Thank You

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Re: Sexual dreams about relatives

All the characters in your dream are various male members of your family. Your uncles and your Dad are older men and they all fit into your car {the car is you}. This may indicate how you perceive these men, perhaps as wise or mature. Since you are at a store you may be 'shopping' or looking for something within yourself that relates to the older men.

The one who does not fit is your brother. For some reason you have placed him in a different mold. Perhaps this is because the relationship with him is different in some way, as opposed to the older men.

As for your uncle kissing you, no it does not mean you want to have sex with him. It probably reflects the bond you have with him {kissing is often symbolic of bonding or sharing}.

Exactly what the dream means is probably as much personal and you may want to determine what is different about your relationship with your brother. It is probably something less important and more a sibling thing.


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