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Dropping Several Years

Last night I had one of my weirder dreams.

I don't know how it all started, but somehow I dropped back to like age six. I was in kindergarten and I was not happy. I hated kindergarten growing up and here I am back at it. So during recess I asked my teacher, "Do you remember a kid named Steven (Last name)? You taught him in kindergarten many years ago." She shook her head. So then I had to prove to everyone that I had come from the future. So I found the assistant director from the Nutcracker and was determined to make her believe. So I started about Harry Potter which I had seen the day prior. According to them, the only book to have been released was the first one. So then I told her to ask me anything, "But not something stupid like are there flying cars." So she goes far back in time and starts asking me about Jesus and church.

So the thing was, everyday I was a year older. The next day I was in my backyard and my friend called. After getting her number (The number in reality was another friend's who I don't talk to very often). Then I was confused. Now I was in fifth grade. I didn't meet her until seventh grade. So I figured I would forget about her and go have fun with my other friend who I met in 4th grade.

Okay I lied, this dream didn't really finish itself out. But there are blurbs from other parts of the dream. Like I was in a hotel with another girl from band class across the hall. But she kept using my bathroom. She had this tin of cookies and they were good cookies. So I kept trying to take some. But everytime I would get close, she would appear and I would have to run the other way. My mom gave me a plate of these cookies, but it wasn't enough. There was some sort of magic in these cookies that I couldn't figure out. I also remember this hotel being attached to a historical home of some sort.

I don't know, it did skip around a lot and confused me a ton.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 16 West Virgina

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Re: Dropping Several Years

Hi Stephen,

Here are my thoughts on your dream - I would really appreciate your feedback ,,,,

Is there something in your life that you may need to look at again ,,, something that happened around the age of 6 years? Could this be related to your mother ? or indeed something that happened at school? This may be addressed by just acknowledging it or may need some deeper work.

teacher ,,, as female ,,, and your friends also are female.
Have you forgotten a part of yourself? A deeper wiser part of yourself ,,,, the teacher within. The friends you mention in your dream are also female ,,, other parts of yourself that are there that you are not contacting ,,, not getting to know (you haven't spoken to her in some time). These are likely to be the intuitive, feeling parts of you ,,,
What your mother has given you is not enough ,,, what you are looking for is inside you, there in lies the magic ,,,
My feeling also is that belief in yourself also seems to be an issue ,,, could that be true? In the dream is seems that you are having to prove something about yourself.

By the way, why don't you call the friend you don't talk to very often?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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Re: Dropping Several Years

I'm confused! The only thing that really fit was something not being right back when I was six. Well, I hated school back then with such a passion! ESPECIALLY kindergarten. Which is weird, I haven't even thought about it lately.

I don't think my mom is lacking in any category. And I also don't think I'm trying to prove anything to myself. But sometimes I don't get me. All of my friends being female is reality. I have like one guy friend. a loss...

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Re: Re: Dropping Several Years

Hi Steven

well that's ok ,,,, if there is something that returns in dreams it is likelythat there is something lingering ,,, and as I mentioned it may be enough just to recognise it, acknowledge it ,,,
Dreams are also for the dreamer, and so may need to be chewed over, and just tossed about in our mind from time to time.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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