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Vivid colors and an evil shadow?

I keep having a dream where I am in a field where the flowers are this extremely vivid shade of yellow and they blanket the ground. I look up and there is this forest infront of me with really tall trees with really vivid bright dark green/blue leaves and really rich colored brown trunks. I bend down to pick up one of the flowers and as soon as I get back up I see this really big, really dark shadow off in the forest... I don't know exactly what it is but it feels evil... and it scares me so much i turn to run away... and I wake up.

If anyone knows what this means, I'd love to know!


Thank You!

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Re: Vivid colors and an evil shadow?

Hi Linds,
A dream interpretation must fit with the dreamer so the following may be close or then again not. The colors seem to represent emotions or conditions in your life in addition to more symbolic representations. Do you recall your emotions regarding the colors?

Yellow may symbolize a coming to consciousness, awareness that seeing beauty in a situation possibly conceals or obscures (blankets the ground) something. The green/blue leaves could indicate personal growth, recognition of some new development in your personality that comes from deep within the unconscious. Picking the flower possibly symbolizes removing innocence and beauty from something, deflowering it. By removing the façade the shadow is visible, it is possibly some unconscious previously unknown aspect of self that you now may or may not be aware of this thing which could be a fear, negative life experience or phobia. Or an undiscovered potential within or darker aspect of your self that you instinctively recognize yet fear. Running away possibly indicates you do not want, or perhaps are yet unable, to face and overcome this issue.

Since you mention this dream reoccurs perhaps working through the fear, in the dream, allowing the shadow to make it’s true form known so that you may face it and work with it could be helpful. When you consciously discover and acknowledge this ‘shadow’ you can begin to work through this issue. Often times new developments in our personality, even positive, can frighten us as it’s unknown or unexplored. And if it’s a past negative then acknowledging and accepting so to work toward balance would be a positive.

Please respond with your thoughts both about the dream & interpretation. Perhaps examine both current and past events in your life to determine exactly what that shadow may be.

Many thanks,

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