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land of the dinosaurs

i am currently working on this latest dream and i would be grateful for any comments.

i am with a female in a land where dinosaurs are living.

on the left is a grove of bamboo set in an open plain as far as the eye can see,(safety,sanctuary)
the dillemma,
do we make a run for it,and risk being attacked by a t-rex,as their abilities to hunt are based on movement,
or do we stand still and get attacked by velloceraptors,who's abillities are based on reason and intelligence,
all the while i had an overwhelming feeling that something was in the air,i could sense it,everywhere.
i felt on waking that it was refering to three aspects of the mind,
with one revelation,
intuition is the least threatening ,and considered by some schools of thought to be the superior quality,
i have to admit that my own intuition seems to have woken up again after a long sleep,
perhaps this is why i have had so many dreams of dead female goddesses and angels coming back to life.

thanks in anticipation,steve.

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Re: land of the dinosaurs

Could this be describing the source of the prior intuition issue, under attack by instinct and reason/intellect? Dinosaurs perhaps symbolizing the 'ancientness' of intuition, it's reverence in the east/far east & native american spiritualities (bamboo & open plain) however depicting the need of a measure of both instinct & reason/intellect in survival issues?

Just some thoughts...


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Re: Re: land of the dinosaurs

hi kathy,
your right,in a survival situation or indeed living as a native american would have lived ,a way of life that is extinct,all your mind faculties would be engaged,the intuition aspect being the better quality,

the intuition aspect,
i was reminded of star wars,
turn off the machine and reach out with your senses.
perhaps i am being to analytical,and need to excersise my intuition muscles more.

i liked what you said about native american/far eastern spirituality,(bamboo & open plains).
you are very perceptive,and i value this gift you give.
many thanks again,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 50 uk

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