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night terrors

Hello to everyone. I came here to discuss my night terror that has frequently been happening to me since i was a young girl and i hope i can get some feedback as to what is bothering my subconcious mind.
I seem to be awakened from sleep, totally aware of my surroundings, but i cannot move or speak. It feels like someone is holding me down, holding my arms to my sides or to my chest, and i am either yelling, or whispering but there is no sound coming from my mouth..This is very frightening to me and i'm thinking of going to see a counselor of some sort to come to terms of what is really bothering me..the real reason as to why this is happening to me. I spoke to a friend of mine who had the same kind of night terror, and she explained to me subconsiously she was coming face to face to a childhood molestation that she was fearing for 25 years. It was coming to the time in which she had to face her fears through flasbacks and memories that was occuring from time to time. She sought help to speak about her flashbacks, and dealt with this family hush hush. She is better now, and can move on. I somewhat have similiar questions about a family member that i think may have done something to me. I cannot remember nor want to accuse but he was molesting my aunt and i was very close to him when i was younger. Do you think that i need to figure out deep down inside what happened to me so i can face my fear? and maybe these night terrors can go away or is there something else that could be doing this? Stress???..please help, it's coming to me quite frequently lately and i sometimes don't sleep well at night. I hope someone can at least give me some suggestions..Thanks.

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Re: night terrors

Hi Amy,
Seeing a counselor is an excellent idea & I encourage you to do so. Night terrors could be indicitive of deeply repressed issues and professional assistance in determining any issues then working together to resolve is a very positive course of action. Through counseling you will receive support and guidance.

Your counselor will probably include the possibility of an organic causation in the evaluation. During sleep our bodies produce a chemical that paralyzes our muscles to protect us from physical harm so as we dream we can not physically act out the dream. For instance, if a person were to dream they were running and actually were able to arise & move, run, while dreaming they could injure themselves. Sometimes waking suddenly results in a waking experience of the paralysis which can be frightening, especially if waking from an intense or disturbing dream.

Molesters rarely moleste only once, it's a repeated behaviour. Has your Aunt ever spoken to you or other family members about this experience? I know this is a very difficult and intensely personal step for molestation survivors, actually speaking to others about the experience.

From reading your words it's obvious you recognize the real possiblity you were molested. Not wanting to remember, or think about it, could be indicative of extreme repression hence the night terrors.

And to add, I speak from experience as I am a molestation survior. I did not seek counseling and only recently, in the last ten years, began a self help approach to healing. After I thought I had addressed and healed only last year signs of repression, through dreams, resurfaced. The past year has been the most healing. Although I do not recommend this approach. Unless you have very supportive family and friends and a real interest in psychology as it requires one to look deeply inside not only the molestation but your entire Self, your Psyche AND the Psyche of the molester.

Please feel free to respond with your thoughts.

Best wishes,

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Re: night terrors

Hi Amy,

I have had the exact happenings in my dreams, more than once. The last time it happened to me I consciously evoked a power within me stronger than it and pushed it off of me. I used every bit of strength I could muster up. I knew in the dream after I pushed it off that it was just like me - had no more power than I, then continued to wollop it across the floor. I can't see in the dream, however, I know with instinct and feeling where it is and what to do. I awoke gratified knowing I had the power to defeat this energy or whomever it was. You can and will defeat this! You are waking up in your dreams.

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Re: night terrors

Thanks for the comments. I really do appreciate them. I have spoken to someone who is willing to hypnotize me with camera and voice recorder for my own purposes. If i feel, and when i feel comfortable and ready, i will sit and watch this and hopefully recognize what is bothering me. If it seems to be what i fear the most, i will continue the search for a counselor to help me through it.
Thanks again!!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 21 Cumberland, MD

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