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a dream about an ice house

well its really two dreams
i dreamed that i was in a funeral home that was made out of ice but you couldnt feel the cold it was kind of room temperature even though out hands were turning blue. and we were mourning my aunts death and i remember all of us just crying and then i just see my aunt in the corner just watching us and i go uo to her and i ask why arnt u dead? and she says she thought what was the point of being dead and people mourn you if you cant see it? and all of a sudden the room becomes an obstacle of maze/slide and we are all trying to catch her but we cant.(shes not dead in real life by the way)

now my second dream was about my uncle who really is dead i dreamt i went up to his house and he wore a white shirt with mud stained pants and he just gave me a huge hug and i remarked at how fat he had gotton because he was really big. and he told me to give him the picture of him and his wife that i took before she died that he really missed her. now i dont know if theres a link but my aunt dreamed of him to but he wouldnt let her hug him?? any kind of help would be appreciated

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Re: a dream about an ice house


An interpretation must fit with the dreamer so think of those events in your life as you read the interpretations. I ‘assumed’ the Aunt and Uncle of the two dreams were married. So if not, this would greatly affect the accuracy of the interpretation.

The first dream:
May describe how you see your Aunt is experiencing the emotion of deep loss in mourning with sorrow and grief regarding your Uncle’s death. Has she ‘died’ inside, outwardly appearing normal (“can not feel the cold” and “room temperature”) however you see her inner self has changed remaining frozen in that place of sorrow unable to come about & resume her past self (hands turning blue)? Crying in a dream could be the release of those intense emotions you feel. Possibly you feel your Aunt is not engaged in living since the death of her husband. And that perhaps you and other family members feel hemmed in by her continuing emotional state? (watching from a corner) She may be questioning her core religious beliefs about life and death. (“what was the point of being dead and people mourn you if you cant see it”). Obstacles hinder & must be overcome or worked through. Perhaps you see this as a complex situation she must work through, this feeling confused and lost, her emotional fall (slide). Recognizing this you and your family work to support (catch) her during this difficult time.

The second dream:
Possibly seeing your Uncle as pure or clean (white shirt), however perhaps his prior dominance or being in charge (with your Aunt) has left a messy or uncomfortable situation for her. Did he act in an overly masculine fashion in regards to the handling of the day to day necessities like financials, making the decisions, that your Aunt is now left without the knowledge and experience required to care for herself (mud on his pants)? If so, he may have acted this way thinking to ‘protect’ your Aunt from ‘life’s difficulties’ however it is a disservice to the one left behind as they can struggle with these very things just to survive. Or was he a larger than life personality? (fat & gotten really bid) The picture you took before she died could represent just that, the relationship of the two prior to his death. And that his misses her could show your own longing for the two to be living together as one, a matched pair so to speak.

I can not say what the meaning is of your Aunt’s dream as dreams are relative to the dreamer and the context of the entire dream. To venture a GUESS… it may represent a male aspect/animus issue in needing to integrate or she may have internal conflicts of guilt regarding something in the relationship or perhaps even feels rejected, not necessarily by her husband as in her dream he could represent an internal issue.

See if anything in the interpretations feels to hit the mark. Again, look to the events in your life prior to the dream as a starting point to examine. Perhaps the interpretations will fit or perhaps something else will come to mind. As this is a learning forum your thoughts and response about the interpretation would be greatly appreciated. It is here at the Forum we hope to learn about the inner psychology, the Psyche of the Self.

Best regards,

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