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Special Horse Dream

My Elder, who crossed over a few years ago, and Raven Woman, a Guide who has been with me since birth, are holding the reins of a black/white Palemeno Horse. Telepathically, RW is telling me to get on the Horse. I tell her "no" and she asks "why?" Because I'm afraid I'll fall off, I reply. She promises me I will never, ever fall of this Horse, no matter what.

I get on and slowly trot away. We then begin to gallop. Suddenly I'm much, much younger. My hair, which is long and black, is being blown straight out behind me as we are going so fast.

We are in Africa. I'm tying the horse up to a hitch. It is evening and I see the glow of a ceremonial fire. I go to the ceremony. I don't know what it's about or who is there. When I come out from ceremony, I take the Horse and we walk up a steep grassy hill. There's a beautiful view. On the very top of the hill is a huge tree. It's gorgeous. My Horse lies down at the base of the tree. I lie down as well, with my head on the Horse's chest. The Horse speaks to me (again telepathically, and says, "I'll be here whenever you want me, to take you wherever you want to go."

End of dream. A week or two later, a friend came to visit and held her hand out to me. She said, "Gramma, I don't know why I brought this to you today, but I was with a lady from Africa last week and she brought me this." When she opened her hand, I saw that she was holding a little rock (grandfather) and was offering it to me. I made a bag for it and it hangs on my drum.

I had this dream a few years ago. I acted it out at a dream workshop and the Elder advised me to honour the Horse. My new Regalia has seven strands of horsehair on it. No-one knows what this means to me. This week I had another dream where black horses were roaming free in a field. Then the owner let the white ones out, they suddenly became white/black palemeno horses.

I believe something is happening as synchronicity is all around me. It feels as though it has something to do with rising to another level of spiritualness for me.

I have never approached the horse to take me somewhere but feel that time is drawing close.

Walalin (Thank you)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 67 Canada

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Re: Special Horse Dream

Hi Coco

What is your interpretation of this dream - you seem to have a pretty good level of self understanding.
It does seem to speak to a heightened level of awareness. The mixing of opposites ,,, the black and white horses ,,, may be time to get on the horse that will never throw you off


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47, Brisbane Australia

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Re: Re: Special Horse Dream

what a beautiful spiritual dream,
i couldn't help but notice the classic mythological motifs,
the tree,the centre of the world,
africa ,the primordial birthplace ,
the horse,the shamans vehicle,
i am reminded of hehaka sapa(black elk) and one of his visions,
he was taken to the centre of the world,where he saw more than he could say,as he was seeing everything as spirit as it should be,living together as one.
a hoop of many hoops.
if you were not into this stuff,i would say ,this dream is a call to shamanise,or journey into your self,
but you are already on it.
and as has been already been stated,
the top of the hill,
the higher you are ,the more you can see.
i would say that this dream is comfirmation of your journey so far.
would love to hear your story.
regards steve

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Re: Re: Re: Special Horse Dream

forgot to mention ,
as you have said yourself,perhaps now is the time to let the horse take you to where you want to go,
its all about trust!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 50 uk

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Re: Special Horse Dream

Hi Coco,

Although it there is a significant delay in this I wanted (as much for my own interest) look at this dream for it's imagery and meanings.

The dream is set in the context of your belief systems -
I don't know much about horses so the significance of the Palameno horse escapes me (do you have similar attributes?). None-the-less the horse is a balance of opposites (black + white) and a symbol of nature. You are coming to this part of yourself - a woman ( do you remember more of her?),
You are not taking up the offers that life (the woman?) presents, you are afraid. But you do make a start.,,, and Africa, ? another opposite if you are fair skinned, or perhaps signifying a more natural state ,,, is this a return to how you were when you were younger - more daring, more 'natural' (Jung would say 'primative' but that may generate the wrong connotations).
The horse is tied up to the safety post - possible a symbol of the masculine (Shiva, the immovable in the Hindu philosophy) - the union of masculine and feminine - and so the sacred ceremony. These states do not last long and so you return - on your own (walking) you move forward, upwards towards growth (the tree - ? Christian symbol here too, ,,, however it is a solo tree - the tree of life).
The dream is telling you that you can rest your head (thinking part / mind) on your intuitive nature (heart centre) ie: you can rely on your intuitive side to take you where you want to go.

The gift of the rock (part of the Earth ,, mother ,,,, remember you previous dream post about Mother' Day) is a great example of syncronicity a la Jung ,,,,
hare om

How does this sit with you? I'd like to know your thoughts on this
All the best Coco

(PS; some thoughts on your Mothers day dream
Have you forgotten to remember your rightful place in the scheme of things ?
on the side lines (the sidewak), but it is ok because you really do know ,,, what is important is given birth through you.>

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 47 Brisbane Australia

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