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What are Visions?

Hi Everyone,
I realize this site is on dreams, however, can visions not be just as important?
I travel in the inner worlds regularly, and have frequent soul travel experiences, in fact, I find these soul travelling experiences manifest out here all the time. It took me a long time to come to terms with this awareness on the inner but now I am having some trouble with these daily visions I get. I've had them for years, and many people call this "clairvoyance". Whether this is true or not I am not sure, this is why I am addressing this issue here tonight.
It is a language much like dreams. Symbols are used, and like my dreams, I have quite the vocabulary. Sometimes I don't like what I see in these visions, sometimes I get so confused, and other times a light goes off. Lately my dreams have gone in another direction - good I mean, which is a change well deserved, however,I am questioning my visions. It's not that I don't want them, it's a question on where do they come from, who is responsible for the third eye opening up and seeing this stuff? Is it authentic? How do you challenge it? I did ask once and I got, "me", but I don't know how to accept that! I'm asking because I give much attention to my dreams and visions and I don't want these visions to have too much control over me if I really don't understand the whole concept of it all.
Does anyone have any information on visions (third eye)?


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Re: What are Visions?

I would strongly recommned you to read Carl Jung's works - starting with the works about his method of analysis, in which he speaks clearly where these visions come from and what they mean, what effect they produce on a person who is attentive and perceptive.
It's ok to be interested in your visions with one warning - be careful to experiment with your unconscious (this is the source of your visions). One must be rooted in his Ego enough to be able to travel in the inner world and not to 'fall into pieces'.

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Re: Re: What are Visions?

Thanks for your reply Catsy.

Without going into any great detail I can tell you that I experienced something "HUGE", more like astronomical, over a year ago, which enabled me to see, hear, know, and experience the dark side of my subconscious. It lasted for about 7mths, and I came out on the other end, so to speak. In the last few months I seem to be coming across different resources that are answering many of my questions, and you are one of them. I posted some dreams I had on another site about being and experiencing the "white light", and the first reply, the only reply I got, answered my question too. I have taken up this journey pretty much on my own, and now I am seeking some information on things I do have the answer for, I just need a little nudge. The answer you gave me, allowed me to fit the pieces together, and more.

So thank you for your help.

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Re: What are Visions?

Hello Kd,

the world is small in a sense. I think we just have spoken with each other on Dream Central, right?

I think the "visions" which appear through the opening of the third eye use a similar symbolical language as dreams sometimes, but can be more concrete. Dreams can depict a situation symbolically. "Visions" in a waking state can do this aswell, but they can also say it 1:1, like "this and this is so and so" (even scary things like: "This person has cancer" or such things). I have such "waking visions" aswell sometimes, but I assume they are much less clairvoyant currently than yours. Jung used Yoga to ease his mind if the forces of the unconscious became too strong, however he always just did a little bit and when he thought he could take on another content of the unconscious, he did. It just was a safety mechanism to keep the flow in balance.

One can also ask the unconscious to give one a rest, and perhaps it functions and one can relax, and continue with more "visions" when the one has recharged power of understanding.

The detailed "language" these "visions" speak can be symbolical, in the way one interprets dreams. One for example may meet Aunt so-and-so, and she symbolically represents a quality of oneself.

However, I believe that these "visions" are more to the point. They may show energetical processes, like energy states or states of the aura etc., which are not symbolical, but are just the language how one describes this.

For example, I had a "vision" that I had a "black slimy worm" between my eyes. This is not so much symbolical, pulling it up into the psyche, but energetical. It seems to point to an energetical "parasite" or an energetical blocking in this area which sucks energy.

Jungs way of dream interpretation is not so well for energetical processes which touch the body (and in Jungs langauge refer to the "unio corporalis"), because here things are more concrete.

Does this help a bit?

Good luck

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Re: What are Visions?

Sometimes it is difficult to discriminate between a 'vision' and a 'flash' of intuition, although at other times a vision can be very vivid in its own right.

I initially practised yoga as a form of relaxation as I was doing a lot of running, aerobics and dance and so wanted something to balance this.

Although many do yoga just for relaxation or musculo-skeletal pain, I found that I was at once 'attuned'.

I do not know much about terms/theories, only whatI have experienced, but would recommend yoga as a way of relaxing, channelling and focussing your mind/intuition/body.

You will not feel so 'bombarded' and will be able to deflect/neutralise negativity and hone your perception.

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Re: What are Visions?

Hi Hermes & S

Thanks for your responses.

Yes Hermes, we have spoken on another website. The world is definitely small. (inbox)

Thanks S. for your recommendations, however, I do practice meditation every day. It keeps me grounded and guided. Basically, I just have a bit of trouble accepting this gift. At one time I worked against it, now I work with it. Makes a big difference.


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Re: What are Visions?

Hi Kd, Henry Corbin wrote an interesting article about where the images come from:, he was one of Jung's closest friends, but there are many theories out there.

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