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very complex

My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years. In my dream he had askd me to marry him. I remember the feeling of pure happiness rushing through me. We decided to get married that weekend. Then the dream switched to the day of the wedding. I was getting dressed in my gown, but I was upset because I didnt have any bridesmaids or any of my friends or family there. So I was waiting on my boyfriend to show up at the church and he was late. Then some how I realized that he had cheated on me.I was so angry that I was just screaming. At this point I woke up. When I went back to sleep a new dream started. I was hanging out with my boyfriend, but I couldnt tell if I had dreamt that he had cheated on me or not. So I asked him if he had, and he said no...not convincingly, but I believe him. Then I see these two blonde girls and I am telling them about how excited I am about getting married. One girl just gets this sad look on her face, and says, "Honey, that wasnt a dream, he did sleep with someone else."
I was so upset that I confronted him about lying. He explains to me that this girl was just sexually different than I am, and tells me we shouldn't see each other anymore. I jump on him and choke him. I am crying so hard, and I remember this feeling of pure hate and anger. It really hurt me that not only had he cheated, but I couldnt satisfy him, and he did it on the day we were supposed to me married while I was in the church. Then I start punching him over and over, but my punches slide right off, and I get more angry because my punches are in slow motion and weighed down. Then I'm with him I guess on a different day, or at a later time or something, because now I am pleading to know why he asked me to marry him at all, and telling him that he cant leave me. I am crying, and I just want him to love me and stay with me, but he wont. Then the dream goes to me confronting the girl he cheated on me with, at first I dont know her, but later on as we talk I realize that it's my 14 year old sister, but in my dream she is like 20 or so.
after that I woke up very confused and distraught.

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Re: very complex

Hi Ran
yes this is a very complex dream, and I suspect that it's meaning will unravel over some time.
I think it raises some questions. Are you happy in this relataionship? Are you happy with yourself, deep down? I suspect that reflecting on these questions may open some thoughts on the dream.
All the best

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