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Another dream about Catholics


I have had another dream involving Catholics, which is starting to make me concerned - I've been a Protestant my whole life, why Catholicism in my dreams all the time?

Anyway, here goes.

Last night I had a series of dreams, but I can really only remember this one. I had walked into a Cathedral, in our present time, and there was a large group of men congregating in the very back near the doors, outside of the main part of church where people worshipped. I walked closer to that area of the church when I saw a man coming towards me that I thought I knew (I believe he reminded me of a Catholic friend I had in college, but he looked older now). He seemed suprised to see me, and we began talking. I asked him what he thought of Christian Universalism - the idea that Jesus had in fact died for all people, and what his priest thought about it. He said to me, "I just asked him about that, and he told me I should stop asking questions!" I felt sad that this was the answer. Then he said, "I'm going to make a donation to the church to clear everything up." Then he put a 2 dollar bill into a box on the wall and left. I stood there looking at the huge crowd of men that were standing there, knowing that not all of them were Catholics either, but were looking for some form of an answer.

I think the men in the back may symbolize all "men" and many of them looked like they wanted desperately to be included in the Church or somehow become involved with God. I think that the priest's answer was something of a rejection toward them and myself, and this gave the dream a melancholy mood.

What do you think?


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Re: Another dream about Catholics

Hi Alan,
Some thoughts follow but amount to more questions than answers.

Many seek answers to differences only to find in the end similarities. The two religions are divergently directed appearing in conflict although this opposition does not preclude all agreement. At the very base of Christianity, it’s “Universalism” are the aspects of Jesus and love. (I’m not versed in all sects of Christianity by any means but these two appear as common threads. I could be wrong.) On approach this brings a formerly opposing view into some agreement and works to reconcile what at first is a perception of an outer condition to that of an inner circumstance. In this, the opposing views can then be brought to a close union.

With that said, where in your waking life do you notice differences? And more importantly, where in your inner Self do you notice differences? In both cases, when you approach these mindful of seeking similarities can not the sameness be more significant than the differences? In that the essential principle of relatedness is of the greatest importance of all.

I'm interested in your thoughts. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the interpretation as I adjusted my method slightly and am interested if it helped or hinderedt.

Many thanks,

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Re: Another dream about Catholics


I am not certain that I entirely follow your response. However, I will throw some stuff out there I think you are getting at.

I have my suspicions that I had a nervous breakdown last year. It was preceded by a multitude of vivid dreams, often containing some form of religous imagery within them. At the time, I was trying to regain my faith which I felt I had lost during college. I began to worry constantly that I had commited the undpardonable sin, and I prayed incessantly for forgiveness, even when I couldn't think of anything I had done wrong recently. I was hounded 24/7 by guilt and terror. I wanted desperately to die. Sometimes the fear was so strong, that I would just moan and toss around in my bed, crying. I felt as though the whole world were floating away from me and leaving me alone in some sort of vacuum or personal hell. During these times I would pray but it never made me feel any better. I also remember sleeping with a small statue of Jesus, begging Him to forgive me of whatever sin I had commited to bring all this horror upon me.

Slowly, my life regained it's focus and sanity. However, I still have my bouts with this issue, and I can see from my dream that my unconscious has not rid itself of it either. To escape my fear of being sent into eternal torment, I have studied "Christian Universalism". It is the theological approach to Christianity that makes a strong case for the idea that nobody (no one at all) will be sent to an eternal hell upon death, as Jesus did not only sacrifice himself for believers, but for all of mankind. I have also started scrutinizing all of the people and personal ideas that have led me to see myself as some horrible sinner without any redeeming qualities (many of these people seem no better than myself, and many of my ideas I have found to be paranoid and groundless). So, from a rational standpoint, I have begun to refute everyone and every personal idea that has tortured me for the past two years.

SO, in my dream, you see me in a Catholic church, asking if the priest believes in Christian Universalism, which many see as a heresy. I am told that the priest is angry at being asked the question and now some compulsory behavior (the offering of the 2 dollar bill) is done by my friend as a means of receiving forgiveness for having asked the question. Meanwhile, I, and many other men (remember that "men" means all mankind in the Bible) remain cut-off from the main area of the church and are left in the very back near the entrance. I feel this may be some sort of reflection of my current religious life--I feel myself a person of faith, or a seeker at least, but I am not within the orthodox body. Further, I remember abhoring the fact that my friend was putting the money in the offering box as a means of buying his forgiveness--and forgiveness for only asking a question. I was also glad that my feelings in the dream were more of sympathy and connection with all of the cut-off people in the back of the church, rather than feelings of guilt and remorse for not being orthodox. I suppose I have regained another measure of my sanity and of my feelings of brotherhood toward all of humanity.

Does this answer your question?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23, Pennsylvania

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