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Multiple dreams about bathrooms toilets and showers

I love to interpret dreams myself but I would love to get feedback from others on this reoccurring theme. I often find myself in kind of wacky houses or occassionally a large building with lots of people I know or do not know or both. I will always eventally go to use the bathroom and will find there is no privacy due to wacky configurations or broken toilets. If it is a stall the seat itself may be exposed because the door is way too high, or maybe there is no door, or maybe I go in the stall with a door and discover that there are multiple toilets and I am supposed to go with other people right ther , or there are no side walls so yo can see the whole row of people using the toilets or maybe there are so many doors with no locks that someone is probably going to enter. or it might be so full of waste that it is clearly not a good idea to sit down.

Other times I will want to take a shower and the shower spigot will be in a room with cloths and carpet etc. I know I am going to get all of this stuff wet and I am not sure what to do I have actually thought in the dream "why does this always happen to me?" or again it may be a feeling of no privacy.
These places are never my home and always different and I'm never quite sure of what I am doing there though often it seems to be a place where I am staying.

The dream I had last night Started with me in a large banquet type room with an unknown woman who seemed to be my buisness superior she was getting ready for an event and I was there to work with her. We are talking and I see an empty rectangular vase on a table behind me. I notice that it begins to fill with a yellow light. I ask her if she sees it and she says yes but is completely disinterested. I tell her that I have learned to pay attention when I see colors because they mean something. I am so much more interested in the color and the meaning behind it than I am in what we are supposed to be doing. I know that this is not good because I might be blowing an opportunity by focusing on the color and the fact that it has meaning and I just can not care about the work that needs to be done. I feel that maybe I should not have brought up seeing the color. Seeing the color in the vase is exciting the work is just something I should do.
I then find myself visiting a house Very angled and modern everything is in order (not one of my wacky houses owned by a two gay women I am there with some other women but I just know this I do not see anyone. One of the women wholived there (I did see her) is in a part of the house that is private. I know I am not really supposed to go there she particularly is very private and is not comfortable with people in this area. Before we leave I need to use the bathroom which is in that part of the house so I go there without asking for permission and close the door to the bathroom and the toilet is in pieces the bowl separated and balanced on its side over the base and the tank placed on that. I actually try to put it together but quickly realize that I can not or maybe should not. I worry that the one woman is not going to like that I moved the pieces and I try to put it back as I found it and leave the bathroom
Your thoughts are most welcome and I apologize for the length of this post

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42 California

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Re: Multiple dreams about bathrooms toilets and showers

Dream Lover,
In Jungian dream interpretaion bathrooms generally indicate an unconscious need to eliminate and or cleanse some undesirable or dysfunctional aspect or attitude of your Self. Toilets could indicate internal or unconscious aspects and showers possibly the cleansing of outer aspects. That you feel a need to seek privacy may indicate consciously you believe these aspects are not apparent or that you desire to hide them however the unconscious mind may recognize they are all apparent or not at all hidden to other aspects of Self and/or others in actual waking life. Broken toilets and wacky configurations could be a metaphor for the method or means by which you would employ to eliminate these undesirable aspects. That they are not able to accomplish the task therefore the elimation or cleansing of the undesirable aspect can not be initiated or even come to fruition.

That the places, (homes, buildings, etc.), are not your own may show an ego perception that these traits or aspects are not part of your Inner Self as a form of ego defense or denial. That you are staying there could symbolize the current stage you are in, that it is a part of the Self. Or that the unconscious symbolizes these aspects as weird or wacky could also show they are not of the Inner Self, rather belong to the ego/Persona, although both the Persona and Inner Self are both parts of the Self. Ot then again, it could depict the alternate as opposed to the main stream, the metaphysical to the physical.

Some thoughts on your dream follow:

Depicts your self work as nourishment of the Self, an feminine authoritative aspect which leads in this self work. You are distracted by the different methods rather than applying the required discipline to self work which lead away rather than toward wholeness. The unconscious recognizes the importance of these and positions this as an opportunity not to be missed.

Also, on a personal level, this could indicate the outer social life vs the Journey. That your Inner Self desires to travel the path you were meant to travel rather than the socially conditioned life, what you ‘should’ do.

If you are gay, the gay women may represent as a comfort zone situation. If you are not gay and find nothing wrong with being gay, then they may symbolize a need to accept and nurture your feminine self, sexuality or self acceptance. If you do not approve of gay relationships then perhaps this shows a fear or rejection of some part of yourself.

That you feel you should not be in that part of the house may be the conscious mind attempting to use guilt to prevent you from addressing this issue that needs to be eliminated. The unconscious presents this need in a way that communicates the need to eliminate is real and necessary to get you to enter that area of work. However, you must first fix the tool or method before you can begin this process of elimination. Your conscious again exerts control or influence to thwart this so you bow to the ego pressure thereby leaving the issue as it started in the beginning.

If the interpretation does seem to fit then look to what in your life or self work that needs eliminated before you can progress or appears to be at an impasse or needs discipline. If the interpretation doesn't seem to fit please feel free to let me know and how so. I'm intersted in your feedback and your interpretation of the dream. This is a learning forum and your insights into dream interpretation would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: Re: Multiple dreams about bathrooms toilets and showers

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for your feedback. I feel that overall your interpretation was very accurate.
My own thoughts are very much like your own and I feel that the dream is pointing out that I am ashamed of exposing certain aspects of myself for fear of being judged as wacky. Still that part of myself is demanding to be recognized.
The job situation is representing the struggle between what I feel is my responsibility (everyday life) and my desires (learn my soul purpose and achieve a strong spiritual connection) and my inability to combine the two in a satisfactory way. The house with the private area may represent my own subconcious (mysterious and secret, off limits) and my desire to make sense of it (broken toilet) in order to gain clarity and access my higher self but inadequate as to how to do that (the feeling of not supposing to be there trying to fix the toilet).
I find nothing wrong with being gay. I think their showing up in my dream was significant because they were the only two in the house that stood out as being anything more than just a general female essence. I think ther may be something about having to deal with everyday predjudice just as I feel people may think I am "wacky" and be prejudice towards me because I feel such an overwhelming desire to learn more about my spiritual self. feel everyone was friendly (no predjudice towards the couple) so possibly this was meant as reassurance that it is ok to be myself and allow my metaphysical interests completely out of the closet thus eliminating my fears.
I tend to go through long periods of time where I can not remember my dreams but the veil seems to be thin right now and I am remembering them every night. I'm sure I will post some more of these in the near future and I hope that you will have time to share more of your thoughts. Thanks again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42 California

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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