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Cockroaches, wardrobes and orange blossom

Monday nights dream

Dreamt that I saw a cliff going away into the distance . It was on the right hand side of my deram. It had a sandy coloured path runing alon the tiop of it, edged with tufts of green grass,
I saw my 5 year old son walking away from me along teh cliff top path and shouted 'no, be careful, becareful' worried that he might fall. He did fall, but landded on his feet and flew/bounced balc up onto the cliff on his feet, unperturnebed and unharmed as if he was a Ninja!

Tuesday nights dream

I dream I am in a room with my 5 year old son. It appears to be quite light and airy. There is a pine, Victorian/Victorian style wardrobe to my right, slightly raised above the floor, so there is a small gap beneath it.

There is a black beetle/cockroach - quite large scuttling around. Its really horrible. My son starts hitting it with the edge of what looks like a credit card. It scuttles under the wardrobe and scuttles out again, the same size, but this time it is a slug, but scuttles as if it is a cockroach. He hits it again and suddenly it disappears and two beautiful, perfect, creamy white orange blossom flowers, joined together, float down gently to the floor. I can see the detail of the petals and almost smell the scent of neroli.

Despite this sudden tranquility and beauty,I still suspect that the bug is hiding beneath the wardrobe, even though I have just seen this transformation.

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Re: Cockroaches, wardrobes and orange blossom

Hi S, I think your first dream is telling you to act as your child, unperturbed, being careful and confront situations. Your second dream is like the second step, the roach is the negative aspect you have, that you want to avoid, but we should not, we have to “see through it” then you will see/feel your the beautiful side. That is the transformation you need to do, good luck

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