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Flooded Cities and Infidelity

There was a little girl with very blonde hair and basically I was watching her grow up. I know she was more involved in my dream than just that but I can’t recall any details. I watch time pass by as she was playing on the street in a nice neighborhood and in front of her beautiful house. She had round checks and I remember her riding her bike. Then I remember it was raining and her house was surrounded by water. My dream then began to focus on her house, then her neighborhood which was then completely under the water. Then I watched cities become flooded with water. This part was very vivid and reminiscent of the movie A.I.
Right after that dream I had another one in which, I had been unfaithful to my current boyfriend on three different occasions, but in the dream I couldn’t remember them. In the dream I was certain that they happened, and was worried of what to say to my boyfriend. One of the people was blackmailing me, but I can’t remember why. So, he said something and I tried to explain that I couldn’t remember doing it and my boyfriend didn’t believe me and I was really hurt by it. I remember laying next to my boyfriend on the top bunk of a bunk bed, and I had my head under the covers when 3 people came in, and they were going to act out a scene in a movie that was out. I remember on older man and a little dark haired girl, but not the third person. The little girl was suppose to sing, but for some reason was unable to. Later on she was speaking to my boyfriend on the bed we we’re in before and she was endowing him with some profound wisdom, and I can remember being rather jealous at the time.

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Re: Flooded Cities and Infidelity

Hi Felicia,

Perhaps as you've reached adulthood you look back on the previous stage of life childhood with mixed emotions. You recognize you're 'grown up' now and beginning this wonderful new stage of life which will completely overtake the previous one although as with all things in life it's through stages this will progress.

The second dream may be addressing real issues in your relationship with your boyfriend. Does he not exhibit the level of trust or a connection not there that you desire? Are there perhaps things you've done during the relationship that would lead to this? Not literally being unfaithful but maybe not communicating or something else? Perhaps the little girl & profound wisdom would be an inner desire to communicate these feelings to your boyfriend but for some reason you are unable to do so. But if you could perhaps this communication would work to resolve this issue allowing your partner to truly understand your thoughts and feelings.


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Re: Flooded Cities and Infidelity

Thankyou very much for your response. Your description runs parallel to some things that have gone through my head, I do want to bring some issues up, but I just can't seem to find the right time. Too, bad my dream couldn't tell me what to say to him.

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