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creepy closet man

I would like to submit two dreams that I had recently that left an impression on me. They occurred on two successive nights. The first one was the most disturbing:

I am in my sister's room. (She is married and lives in her own home now) She is in her single bed that is situated almost directly in front of a closet, whose light is on. The light in the bedroom is off and the door of the closet is open. I ask her if she wants me to shut the door of the closet, knowing that she is afraid of it. She says yes. I am a little afraid of it as well and don't want to go inside to turn the light off before I shut the door, so I just close the door quickly. Above the closet there is a small window through which can be seen the interior top area of the closet. As I am leaving the room, I notice, since I've left the light on, that the top of a man's head is visible through that small window. I think to myself I must be seeing things because that would be impossible and I don't want to scare my sister, but I ask someone who is with me if they see it as well and she jumps up a little a few times (she's short) and says she does see it. Only the very top part of the man's head can be seen, the forehead and the hair. His hair is brown and straight and it is receding a little on both sides. It looks as if he would be a short man, wearing little round glasses and an outfit that maybe an engineer working in an office would wear (I'm not sure why or how I could tell what he was wearing just from his head, but it comes to mind. I seem to have an impression of him even though I didn't see him). After my companion (unknown) confirmed that she saw the man's head through the window, I woke up very frightened and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so. I had to sleep with the bright light on. It's creepy, even now to think of that man in the previously empty closet just standing there, only his head visible. Very creepy.

I just can't seem to get any ideas on the meaning of this dream. Your expert help is my only recourse and would be greatly appreciated, as always.


I ran out of time to post the other dream. I'll post it later.

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Re: creepy closet man


This may be close or not. If not, it may stimulate your thoughts and facilitate your own interpretation. Please feel free to respond with your thoughts whether the interpretation hits a mark or not.

You sister could symbolize you, aspects or traits that you both share but possibly you do not consciously perceive in your own personality, your self. The bed may be the bridge between conscious and unconscious with the dark bedroom representing the conscious/ego and the lighted closet the unconscious aspect of the inner Self. The light on and open door beckon to you, an invitation drawing you to look into the unconscious to examine some aspect of Self however you fear the this examination, or aspect within the unconscious as it’s an unknown or unexplored realm so the conscious ego projects fear and a desire to close off the connection. This could be a signal to address and work through an unconscious aspect or attitude so to offer a method to resolve this previously unresolved issue. By not wanting to turn off the closet light, leaving it illuminated, the Psyche could again be expressing a desire for conscious examination.

By using fear Ego wins this round in closing off this unconscious aspect. The Psyche offers up another opportunity to examine these unconscious contents symbolized by the window but now you must work harder with the connection between conscious and unconscious closed. Perhaps that the closet contains a man could indicate a male aspect/animus issue. Or even something repressed from childhood. The white jacket and mentioning he could be an engineer could be a metaphor for this aspect that ‘engineers’/designs/creates some behaviour or attitude. And/or perhaps it’s indicative of a typical male trait of analytical & methodical thought process that you need to incorporate in your Self.

Many times the ego will use fear as a defense and it is a powerful defense. Because fear is an animal instinct we possess it is sometimes difficult to overcome. Perhaps if you look to your current life or childhood for clues, and to the traits of your sister that you may share, you may make the connection to what exactly it is that the ego fears so much but that your unconscious has deemed essential to your Self development.

Many thanks,

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Re: Re: creepy closet man

Thank you so much for the response. You have given me a lot to think about. I had another dream a few days after this one that I am delving into right now as well. I'm having a little more luck with it. I was just getting no ideas from this particular closet man one. Now I have some things to think about. I am going to take some time to really think about this and will write back later.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 arizona

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

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